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Tunisia – Italy Adoption of a draft agreement for 57.4 million euros in loans

The Assembly of People’s Representatives (ARP) adopted on January 16, 2020 the bill approving a memorandum of understanding between Tunisia and Italy, and another relating to the credit facility between the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) and the Italian Deposit and Consignment Fund, concluded on March 18, 2019. These two agreements relate to a total amount of € 57.4 million. They relate to the support program for the private sector, agriculture and financial inclusion in the fields of agriculture and the social and solidarity economy worth 50 million euros (approximately 165 million dinars), or 35 million euros for the financing of the agricultural sector and 15 million euros devoted to the social and solidarity economy. Also granted were two donations amounting to 7 million euros (around 23.2 million dinars) for the first and reserved for the financial inclusion fund. The second donation, worth 400,000 euros (1.3 MD) is intended for program evaluation and promotion expenses, in addition to the audit of the accounts.

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