Tunisia: Digital’Act program to leverage digital transformation of 10 companies

Digital’Act, the program of the Digital2Value platform aims to launch nearly 10,000 Tunisian companies in digital transformation. It later plans to assist 10 selected companies, through personalized support. 

By M.A.

The greater a company is digitally mature, the better equipped it is to adjust to digital disruptions, including international ones. This is why the startup Digital2Value, “D2V”, which connects a complete ecosystem of consultants, development organizations and digital solutions to serve SMEs in their digital transformation journey, launches Digital’Act, with the financial support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The aim is to leverage the digital transformation of nearly 10,000 Tunisian companies. A way to get “an idea of the maturity of the market as a whole and the specific trends emerging after the COVID crisis. This is a valuable insight which also allows the EBRD to design programs that meet the needs of the MSME ecosystem” says Amel Saidane, co-founder of Digital2Value. 

Disrupted by the pandemic, some Tunisian SMEs have relied on digital technology to meet the expectations of their employees and customers. But many others have not yet passed this course. The Digital’Act aims to provide VSEs, SMEs, startups or any entity with a patent, the necessary tools to start this transformation. Starting with a free online audit. 

“Companies may be a bit immature; our support can quickly take them to the next level. Our goal is to create champions” 

At the end of the program and once all companies are registered, 10 Tunisian companies with high potential will be audited and selected to benefit from two additional customized modules. “The approach is inclusive and takes into consideration all regions, all industries and women-led companies. Companies may be a bit immature; our support can quickly take them to the next level. Our goal is to create champions. We will also have diverse industries and profiles among the 10 companies to maximize learning and prepare for future programs,” adds Amel Saidane. 

D2V gathers and structures data to create a verticalized experience for SMEs in emerging markets as well as a marketplace where innovative startups and technology solutions (ERP, RPA, Low/No code, AI, etc) can meet SMEs with identified use cases of digital transformation (I4.0, e-Commerce, Export, etc.). To date, D2V has assisted more than 300 SMEs, in partnership with GIZ, EBRD, UfM, GPP, KAS and MEDMSME. The Tunisian startup will offer its platform directly to SMEs by the first quarter of 2023 with an AI-backed enhanced experience. 

Since the start of its operations in Tunisia in 2012, the EBRD has invested more than €1.7 billion in 60 projects across the country, in both the private and public sectors. It has also provided business advice to more than 1,600 Tunisian small and medium-sized enterprises through its “SME Support” program.

To register for the program: www.digital2value.com/#DigitalAct. 

For more information: www.digital2value.com                                                          

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