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Togo Widezip e-commerce platform launches its activities

A new e-commerce platform, called “Widezip”, has been launched in the Togolese capital. Promoted by the company Widezip SARL U, the system aims to facilitate the online sale of products of companies and individuals in Togo. The website, with its mobile application, has a directory of SMEs in various fields; with online storage services, purchase and sale of articles, from professionals or individuals, as well as import-export trade. From the United States, Europe, China and Dubai.  “We are here to cover from Lomé to Cinkassé, that the one who is in the remote areas also has the same luck as the one who is in town,” said Kossi Battah, CEO of the company launched in the United States in 2016, before to settle in Togo. To ensure a base, Widezip put, among other things, the democratization of the smartphone in the country, and the number of more and more important users. The company also boasts a collaboration with nearly 300 social media platforms. Remember that in Togo, only 6.6% of Togolese made purchases online in 2018.

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