Career Sandy Abena, exploring the “Afro World

More than five months ago, Sandy Abena, the "most African of the West Indians" as she calls herself, gave up her life as an executive in Ile-de-France to embark on a crazy project: to travel in 10 months, 10 countries of what she calls the "Afro World". Portrait. By editorial...
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Uganda : Chinese partners to revive tourism

Uganda Tourism Board has engaged travel trade partners in China, a move intended to ease business to business engagement in both countries. In this engagement, Chinese companies have been represented by the travel link market company. This comes as the country is reviving its tourism sector that has been affected...
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Tourism: Instagram launches Visa to Africa campaign

Instagram launches Visa To Africa, a campaign that takes advantage of the power of social platforms to highlight African tourism treasures. Supported by the World Tourism Organization, as well as the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure of Côte d'Ivoire, the initiative, which comes amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, aims to encourage...
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Tanzania: A cable car project to Kilimanjaro to attract tourists

Tanzania is planning to build a cable car facility on Mount Kilimanjaro to unlock its potential to attract tourists who cannot climb Africa’s highest mountain. The Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mary Masanja, said the project is on track and would begin soon. Mount Kilimanjaro, a leading tourist...

Rwanda: What to learn from Rwanda Gorilla conservation

Rwanda’s Gorilla Naming Ceremony has earned the country tremendous tourism traffic and income. Not only wildlife, but also the community and environment have benefited from the event. The world gathers to watch and learn.  By Ange Iliza  Rwanda’s National Volcanoes Park is home to an estimated 480 mountain gorillas, the...
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Good practice : Inspire Africa

Determined to bring tourists back to Africa, the World Tourism Organization has launched a competition to refine the continent's brand image. It was a successful initiative with original and innovative applications.   Encouraging tourists to come (back) to Africa.  This is in short, the ambition of the Inspiration Africa Challenge, a World Tourism...
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Botswana : to develop digital museum to attract tourists

Botswana is developing a digital museum to facilitate access to the country's heritage and cultural crafts for the international audience. The project is part of the country's efforts to position Botswana as a destination of choice and also to be relevant on the international stage, said Philda Kereng, Botswana's Minister...
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