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Infrastructures La Banque africaine de développement accorde 1,2 million de dollars pour une étude sur les chemins de fer entre l’Éthiopie et le Soudan

Le Conseil d’administration de la Banque africaine de développement a approuvé une subvention de 1,2 million de dollars au gouvernement éthiopien pour financer une étude de faisabilité pour la construction d’une liaison ferroviaire à écartement standard (SGR) entre l’Éthiopie et le Soudan voisin. La subvention, provenant du Fonds africain de...
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Sudan, Ethiopia to construct a joint cross-border oil pipeline

Sudan and Ethiopia have agreed to construct a joint cross-border oil pipeline that will serve the two African countries. This was revealed by the Sudanese and Ethiopian Energy Ministers, Adel Mohamed Ibrahim and Seleshi Bekele respectively. The two officials met as part of an official visit by several Sudanese authorities,...
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Soudan The first appointed transitional governement

The prime minister of Soudan Abdullah Hamdouk revealed on the 6th September the first appointed transitional government since the eviction of the former President Omar El Bashir in April. It has 18 ministers. The formation of the government results from concertations between sovereign Concil , Freedom forces and change and...
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Sudan A new civilian power

The transition to a civilian power in Sudan, born of the historic agreement between the military and the protest, took shape Wednesday with the inauguration of the Sovereign Council and a new prime minister, hailed by the UN. More than four months after the impeachment and arrest of President Omar...
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