Algeria Hirak, Covid-19, and digital… A new era?

In Algeria, the constitutional referendum, organized last November and marked by a large boycott, revealed the gap between the government and the society. A failure, questioning the results of the hirak while the Algerian economy is facing its eternal problem: diversification. A little hope remains: entrepreneurship and digital development could...
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Uganda EACOP Project to Create 10,000 Jobs Post COVID-19

Following the global pandemic that has made a negative impact in Africa’s oil and gas industry, the Ugandan government has officially announced that the Final Investment Decision for the East Africa Crudeoil Pipeline (EACOP) project will be signed off during the first quarter of 2021. Regarding this development, Hon. Mary...
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Nigeria Contraction du PIB de 6,1% au deuxième trimestre

L'économie du Nigeria, premier producteur pétrolier du continent africain, s'est contractée de 6,1% au deuxième trimestre 2020 par rapport à l'année précédente, a annoncé le Bureau national des statistiques (NBS), en raison de l'épidémie de Covid-19 mais aussi de la chute des cours du pétrole. «Le PIB du deuxième trimestre...
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Nigeria Oil revenues fell 80%

Oil revenues have dropped 80% in Nigeria, a disaster for the first sub-Saharan economy highly dependent on black gold which is expected to go into recession in 2020, government officials said during a video conference call....
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Pétrole L’OPEP anticipe une baisse « sans précédent » de la demande

Dans ses dernières prévisions, publiées le 16 avril, l’organisation des pays exportateurs de pétrole (OPEP) a indiqué escompter en 2020 une consommation mondiale de 92,82 millions de barils par jour (mbj), soit une baisse « sans précédent » d’environ 6,85 mbj par rapport à 2019, en raison de la paralysie qui touche l’économie mondiale. Il s’agira...
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Nigeria: Shell lifts force majeure on its Forcados oil terminal

The state of force majeure which had been weighing on the Nigerian oil terminal at Forcados (in the south of the country) since 6 April has been lifted, said on 13 April the Anglo-Dutch oil company Shell, which jointly manages the installation with the operator Heritage Energy. At the beginning...
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Senegal Official launch of the oil field development project

The Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Mouhamadou Makhtar Cissé, officially launched, on January 14, phase 1 of the Sangomar oil field development project, countersigning the Host State Agreement and that of the final decision of investment presented by operators. This act follows the decree issued by the Senegalese president, Macky...
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Ghana Record oil production in 2019

Ranked for nearly a decade, the fourth largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa, with an average production of around 200,000 barrels per day, Ghana has seen intensified oil exploration in 2019. New potential oil discoveries are supporting economic growth in the West African country, which is expected to drop from...
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