Cart’Afrik : “The Covid in the North-South relations”

Despite rising numbers due to second waves across the continent, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Africa, is still within manageable proportions. This is especially true if the exceptionally high infection rate in South Africa, with about 40 per cent of cases on the continent  is suspended for the calculations....

Coronavirus One year on, heading for a victory of human genius?

Twelve months of struggle, worry, suffering for the entire world population due to a virus, SARS-CoV2 more commonly known as the new coronavirus or COVID-19. No country was spared, all economies were shaken, millions of lives were lost, nothing escaped this tsunami. And then was light with the discovery of...

Tribune In 2021, an Africa resilient and integrated

At the end of a trying 2020, Africa is experiencing its first recession in 25 years. But, beyond the economic and social shock, the continent rather embodies resilience in the face of the pessimisms of old schools of thought, the cold forecasts of the WHO and the early diagnosis of...