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Opinion: Creative people, driving force(s) of the African metaverse

In vogue, the term "metaverse" refers to the next frontier of the digital universe. A virtual universe, rich in opportunities, and that must now embrace the African continent, argues the specialist in creative industries Mohamed Zoghlami.   By Mohamed Zoghlami * Used for anything and everything like many trendy, hype concepts,...

Opinion : “African Creating Meeting, a new vision of Africa”

The African Creative Meeting, scheduled for September 23 and 24 in the framework of the Africa2020 Season initiative, will highlight the many talents and initiatives of the African creative industries. It is a key event to understand the potential of the continent in this promising industry.  By Mohamed Zoghlami Mohamed-Zoghlami-DR...

Cart’Afrik : “Will Africa embrace the Metaverse?”

Described as the next Internet revolution, the Metaverse gives rise to a number of questions, especially in Africa, where the youth must meet this new digital challenge, argues expert in creative industries Mohamed Zoghlami.   By Mohamed Zoghlami* What is the Metaverse? The short answer is that it doesn't exist yet....