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Sahel: $350 million for recovery and stability (World Bank)

More than eight million people in Liptako-Gourma, the Sahel border area shared by Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, will benefit from a new $352.5 million project designed within a regional framework to address the long-standing cycle of fragility in this region - the "tri-border" area considered one of the poorest,...
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Mali: Presidential and legislative elections scheduled for February 2022

Mali finally knows the date of its future presidential and legislative elections. The Minister of Territorial Administration, Lieutenant-Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga, revealed the electoral calendar this Thursday at a press conference. The Malian military at the head of this transition will hand over power to civilians within the allotted time. The...
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Mali: Demonstrators demand the departure of French forces

Demonstrators gathered in Bamako on Friday to demand the departure of French soldiers from Mali France, which intervened militarily in January 2013 to help the Malian army against the push of armed Islamist groups in the north, is deploying 5,100 soldiers within the Barkhane force in this country and its...
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