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Rwanda UN evacuates 79 vulnerable refugees from Libya

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported on November 20 that it had evacuated 79 vulnerable refugees from Libya to Rwanda. "The UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, evacuated a group of 79 vulnerable asylum seekers out of Libya last night (November 19) to safety in Rwanda," the...
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Libya More than 48,000 Africans return home

The African Union (AU) Commissioner for Social Affairs, Amira El Fadil, said the AU had organized the repatriation of 48,000 African migrants stranded in conflict-ridden Libya. "The AU has recently managed, in collaboration with the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Libyan government, the return of 48,000...
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Libya The Arab League “refuses” any military intervention

The Arab League has said it is "concerned" about the military escalation which is exacerbating the crisis in Libya, and has refused any military intervention by foreign forces in the country. The Arab League held an emergency meeting this Tuesday, December 31, at the request of Egypt, to assess the...
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Libya A new international conference announced

The head of the French diplomacy announced that he will preside with his Italian counterpart a meeting on Libya on September 26 at the UN in order to advance towards the organization of an international conference aiming at getting this country out of a conflict murderer....
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Libya: The Maghreb Economic Forum in Tripoli in 2020

The members of the Board of Maghreb Entrepreneurs decided to hold the Maghreb Economic Forum in Tripoli, Libya in 2020, according to information published by local media. The Maghreb Economic Forum (MEF) is an independent think-tank created in 2011 to support the economic and social development of the Maghreb region....
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