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Tribune Simplify and promote entrepreneurship to develop Africa

The Covid-19 pandemic that affects the whole world must not curb the initiation of African economic structural reforms to support entrepreneurship. On the contrary, it is the perfect time to encourage healthy decision-making.   By Zakaria Fahim*   The Covid-19 pandemic is certainly still ongoing around the world, but Africa,...

Tribune African entrepreneur could ride the wave of frugal innovation

In a context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, African entrepreneurs, faced with energy, infrastructural (interconnection, connectivity, regional mobility), financial, military (terrorism in the Sahel, ethnic wars), agricultural, digital issues ... and renewed protectionist impulses can draw a number of lessons. The first could relate to frugal innovation.   By Alioune Guèye*...

Tribune TRANSFORM’ACTION, a new economic model

The health crisis has shown the need for Africa to define a new economic model to replace the colonial one which has as its goal the development of the metropolis. TRANSFORM'ACTION is an economic model that the continent could experiment.    By Alioune GUEYE*   The Covid-19 crisis has revealed...