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Tribune Credit funds AND bankS: the perfect pair

The continually growing credit funds provide financing formulas likely to widen the range of possibilities offered to SMEs on the continent. It is a flexible and tailor-made approach which, far from competing with traditional bank financing, could on the contrary complement it, argues financier Sidoine Viagbo.     By Sidoine Viagbo, Deputy...
The month of record

Access to funding: the ultimate struggle for women

In sub-Saharan Africa, 45 percent of women lack official identification, and 37 percent have a bank account (compared with 48 percent of men). Similarly, women very often have little capital to start their business and are less likely to benefit from private investment capital. Banks require collateral that women often...

Agriculture Togo’s daring gamble

Long considered the cereal granary of the West African sub-region in the early 1980s, Togo was hit hard by European Union economic sanctions in 2002 following a political crisis, which slowed down the agricultural sector. Today, the country's authorities are betting everything on this vital sector for the national economy....