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Ethiopia : $1.8 billion from export

During the first seven months of the current budget year of Ethiopia started July 8, 2020, the country has earned $1.8 billion from export of different commodities. Compare to same period the previous year, the earnings of the country from export has increased by 15 percent. Out of the total...

Rwanda A local production dreaming of regional development

Kigali welcomed during three weeks the Rwanda International Trade Fair, edition 2020. A way to zoom on the local production for Rwandan and also international groups. With this type of event, Rwandan companies hope to develop their exports, especially toward the Eastern-African region.    By Cyuzuzo Saady, at Kigali  ...
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Eastern Africa Training for exporters

To improve foreign trade in Eastern Africa, the International Trade Centre and the European Union organize training sessions dedicated to exporters in Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda. This program is part of the Market Access Upgrade Programme (MARKUP) of the European Union and wants to answer continued delay and administrative...
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Cameroon The EU is the first buyer of Cameroonian products

According to a report on European investments in Cameroon, presented by the European Union delegation in Yaoundé, the EU is the biggest buyer of Cameroonian products globally, with 47,4% of exports in 2019. China (13,7%), India (10,6%) and the US (4,4%) follow. Non-oil exports of Cameroon toward EU in 2019...
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Sudan The port for livestock ready by the end of the year

The Sudanese authorities hope to end the work in the new port for living animals, localized in Haidob, 60 km from Port-Sudan, before the end of the year. Costing 142 million dollars, this platform will be focused on the camel, bovine, and goat export to the Asian market and China,...
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