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Rwanda: Kigali seeks US$1 billion for reforestation plan

By 2030, Rwanda plans to decrease the use of charcoal and firewood from 85% to 42%. A reforestation strategy is part of the government's plan. The goal is to protect the country's forest cover to avoid the negative impacts of climate change. This is why the government is requesting 1.37...
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Uganda: 2021 Roots aims to plant 40 million trees

The Ugandan authorities launched the 2021 edition of the national tree planting campaign, called Running Out of Trees (Roots), on March 21st, 2021. The second edition of this reforestation campaign aims to plant 40 million trees across the country by May 17th, 2021.  ...
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Nigeria: Villagers allowed to sue Shell in the UK

Tens of thousands of Nigerians were allowed by the British Supreme Court on 12 February to sue oil giant Shell in the UK for environmental damage inflicted by black gold leaks. Seized by communities in the Niger Delta representing 42,500 inhabitants, the highest court in the UK is thus contradicting...
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Gabon A plan to relaunch tourism costing 5 million euros

The Gabonese Ministry of tourism obtained a provisional budget of 3,4 billion FCFA (5,1 million euros) to support its tourism policy. This amount will be used to support the sector hit by the Covid-19 crisis and develop a sustainable and respectful of the environment tourism....

Rwanda Target: 42% use of biomass by 2024

A recent study of the Rwanda Forest Agency ensures the wood is still mainly used in 80% of households to cook and heat. It is a dangerous situation, especially when the country invests a lot in reforestation and should lose part of its electric production because of a lack of...
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