France-Algeria: rapprochement that smells of gas

The page of misunderstandings between Algeria and France seems to have been turned. French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent trip to Algeria marks a new beginning in the relations between the two countries. The fog lifted, giving way to a recovery and a warming of relations between the two countries. By...

Will Egypt be the locomotive of the African economy?

There is a necessity and utmost importance to enhance cooperation between Egypt and its brothers in the African continent in all fields, especially economy and development. This is to complete its active role in its regional environment, achieve African integration, revitalize trade between the countries of the brown continent, and...
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Lessons Learned from Senegal’s 2020 Licensing Round

Beginning in 2014, a series of explorations along the coast revealed an untapped supply of petroleum resources likely vast enough to attract the attention of international energy companies. By NJ Ayuk* In January 2019, Senegal made reasonable adjustments to its Petroleum Code to reflect the renewed optimism surrounding the country’s...

An Africa-G7 energy food and security grand bargain 

Europe, the US, and Africa are all reeling from the prolonged Russia/Ukraine crisis. They need to forge a new grand bargain that holds out the promise of shared energy security, food security, job creation and long-term green growth and prosperity, argues Vera Songwe. By Vera Songwe This grand bargain offers a three-pronged deal...

Energy :Rio Tinto commits to clean mining industry

Rio Tinto, a mining group committed to the energy transition, has signed a power purchasing agreement for a new renewable energy plant to power the operations of its QIT Madagascar Minerals (QMM) ilmenite mine. The aim is to achieve the carbon neutral objective by 2023. By DBM The project, carried...
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Energy : Ethiopia, Djibouti to launch second electricity link

Djibouti and Ethiopia have announced plans to build a second electricity transmission following positive returns from the first project that linked their power grids. The first project enabled Djibouti to import Ethiopia’s hydropower-processed, renewable and cheap electricity. According to Mr. Batchi Baldeh, the AfDB’s Director of Power Systems Development, the...
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Kenya: InfraCo Africa buys 40% stake in mini-grid developer KPEA

The Portuguese company RVE.SOL will sell 40% of the shares of its Kenyan subsidiary Kudura Power East Africa (KPEA) to InfraCo Africa, under a shareholders' agreement signed between the two players on July 6. According to information made public by InfraCo Africa, the agreement provides for RVE.SOL and its new...
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