From Facebook to META, what are the stakes for Africa?

The announcement by Facebook to change its name to Meta takes place in a very tense context for the Californian company, with actions and complaints from European Union consumer groups, but also after a series of breakdowns, and the "Facebook Files" scandal, accusations made by a whistleblower that Facebook is...

Trade: A study to identify the impact of the AfCFTA

Published in July, a report by ITFC and SESRIC assesses the possible economic consequences of the entry into force of the African Common Market on six countries of the continent, members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  By DBM  Conducted jointly by the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) and...

Cart’Afrik : “Will Africa embrace the Metaverse?”

Described as the next Internet revolution, the Metaverse gives rise to a number of questions, especially in Africa, where the youth must meet this new digital challenge, argues expert in creative industries Mohamed Zoghlami.   By Mohamed Zoghlami* What is the Metaverse? The short answer is that it doesn't exist yet....

Coronavirus One year on, heading for a victory of human genius?

Twelve months of struggle, worry, suffering for the entire world population due to a virus, SARS-CoV2 more commonly known as the new coronavirus or COVID-19. No country was spared, all economies were shaken, millions of lives were lost, nothing escaped this tsunami. And then was light with the discovery of...
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