Rwanda A local production dreaming of regional development

Kigali welcomed during three weeks the Rwanda International Trade Fair, edition 2020. A way to zoom on the local production for Rwandan and also international groups. With this type of event, Rwandan companies hope to develop their exports, especially toward the Eastern-African region. 


By Cyuzuzo Saady, at Kigali


In a bid to increase trade between countries, the Private Sector Federation has kicked off the 23rd edition Rwanda International Trade Fair with the main focus to create awareness of the local production. Many countries were represented, such as Kenya, Egypt, and Turkey and in front of them, Rwandan brands whose primary focus is to show off their products. “Our main concern this year is to create a broad image of Rwandan production with International investments with a main focus on increasing exports which have been rising 5,5% year after year since 2018, and this comes with a shift from agriculture to production as well,” Yves Rusizana PSF spokesperson, said.


“We link buyers and sellers”


To facilitate exports and imports and favor regional trade between East Africa member countries, logistics companies have come closer to negotiating with the producers and buyers who wish to advance their businesses. That was the point of the Kenya Port Authority, which extended its client inventory during this event, as Vienna Wairimu explained: “We link buyers and sellers who want to move their cargo, and within this first week we have been making co-operations we could never stay inside our office, and we got a chance to meet many people who needed our services.”


“Best strategy we could ever use”


An excellent opportunity for the cement group CIMERWA aiming a development in the Eastern Africa region. “This is the best strategy we could ever use to reach out to a big number in person for our publicity and marketing,” Gashugi Charles Cimerwa stand manager, said. But the event was dedicated to Rwandan companies. And as most of the production companies are selling their faces on the global market, many have made it their goal to impress the local market as they target the east African market, which is their go-to go. This is the case of Inyange industries, a producer of fruit derivatives such as juices, concentrates, or yogourts. For the young company, the event is the occasion to take the temperature. “We are checking back on how to influence the foreign market with our special products as for the local market sales are increasing day by day,” Mucyo Serge explained.



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