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Rencontres Africa 2019 « A complete economic event »

For their fourth anniversary, Rencontres Africa, come back on the continent. With two “strategic” steps. Casablanca and Dakar. Explanations with Marc Hoffmeister, CEO of class export and general commissioner of Rencontres Africa.

By Bilkiss Mentari

For their fourth edition, Rencontres Africa came back on the continent. Explain to usthe choice of the two hosted towns, Dakar and Casablanca?

The choice of these two hosted towns was very natural for the Mettings Africa 2018 purpose. In order to respond to the leaders expectations, we asked all participants while in a big investigations last October, Morocco and Senegal were chosen as the most popular destinations.

An evident choice, finally, considering actual economic opportunities in those two countries. On a side, Morocco remains a country whereby IDE are growing, especially with the recent market regulations; On the other side, Senegal is entering the second phase of the Senegal Emergent Plan, that of projects effective deployment throughout the territory.

The enthousiastic reception of institutional actors in each country, APIX or AMDIE, the infrastructure quality that received us at Skhirat and Diamniadio, and access facilities consolidated our choice.

Concretely, how are the two edition going to happen?  

More than a company mission, Rencontres Africa are complete economic events. You will, then, find exposition stands, networking spaces and sequences, conferences programs, workshops, appointment 1 to 1…

Concretely, any activity sector (Health, Agro, BTP, Energies or Digital you can find …). You will find the program corresponding to you. The villages “Health” and “Agro” will have all participants of each branch, the guaranty targeted efficient meetings.

Finally, the modules of appointments will allow to target your upstream contacts, solicit direct interviews with each participant which will allow you to prepare a commercial offer on measure for an immediate business throughout the four days Rencontres Africa.

Further those four days of work, do not forget that a network is being forged on informal moments, evening receptions or on events off. Being there, at the place, at the right moment will give you unexpected opportunities.

The goal remains the same: connect private sectors, French and Africans, but also intra-Africa?

In fact, with the operational phase of ZLECAF, the Intra-Africa trade should know an exponential growth. The CNUCED even estimate a 33% growth of the continent trade.

Consequently, Rencontres Africa is naturally positioned at the place of intra-Africa business. Companies of more the 30 African countries are expected, mobilized by our network of delegates over all the continent.

More, for French exporters, Senegal and Morocco are like “gateways” for the rest of the continent. We attest the structural projects around those ports, 

Tanger Med in Morocco and Ndayane in Senegal. Trading with those two countries, it is getting all the doors opened over all the continent!

Four editions. The appointment is becoming permanent. A sign of interest that it generated. What is the outcome?

This fourth edition is also the fruit of our previous successes! The appointment count, 4800 subscribed companies and almost 300 journalists present for the last edition in Africa (in Abidjan, Tunis and Nairobi), the meetings Africa 2017 was just the biggest economic event ever organized in Africa!

For the 2018, this time organized in France, there were 3900 requests for business appointments recorded, more than 150 conferences altogether and, at the end , 80% of general satisfaction.

Goals this year are in phase, with 5000 participants expected whereas 600 Europeans decision makers and 4000 participants on Africa side.

You are recently organizing a meeting in Paris dedicated to to African Diasporas. Are they invited as well in Rencontres Africa?

The African Diasporas forum complete the portfolio of the export class activity and gives us our coherence as “facilitators of international trade”.

Today, 70 billion Euros are sent each year in Africa by Diasporas, in which 10 billion from France. To formalize those funds, organize the skill transfer and support entrepreneurs who are also settled in France but concerned about their original country’s development is a good mission which really matters to our team, at the earliest at the side of companies leaders.

Therefore, don’t be wronged. If African Diasporas is the event for young projects holders, Rencontres Africa is addressed to the market realities, coming up with an offer clearly identified and tradable.

To conclude, your expectations for this coming edition…

Above all the success in terms of participations and business, Meetings Africa has also the mission to bring their share to a development process, the very inclusive possible.

Mayor politic interventions while the “health” conferences or thematic topics while operational workshops of the “Agro industries” are going that way.

We are committed to involve at the highest level political and economic authorities to allow the approval of the event by the African participants, and the real success of next Rencontres Africa will be for the all continent.

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