Career path of Seynabou DIA, the Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Seynabou Dia, CEO of GLOBAL MIND CONSULTING received, on the occasion of the sixth edition of Hub Africa held in Casablanca on May 2-3, the woman entrepreneur of the year award. An award that rewards a career driven by one ambition: that of promoting another Africa. And she contributes a lot. Here is her portrait.

By Dounia Ben Mohamed

Young, beautiful, tall, Seynabou Dia is the worthy heiress of Ndete Yalla, last queen of the kingdom of Waalo, north of present Senegal. For charm … charisma and wit. It is just takes to see her to understand what drives Seynabou: from Dakar to Libreville, via New York or Paris, Seynabou proudly and unconditionally exhibits Africa. Through outfits that mix the cloth with the caftan cut. Happy marriage between North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. One continent according to her. Her continent. Product made in Africa, Seynabou thinks, lives, and speaks Africa.

«Take another look at Africa by accompanying the actors of its economic transformation in the resonance of their messages»

Public relations specialist, Seynabou has developed an expertise in corporate communication. A knowledge acquired in Africa as in France where did part of her studies, in Picardy, just like Emmanuel Macron. After several professional experiences, she decided to return to the continent to contribute to its development, she founded the consulting firm Global Mind Consulting (GMC) in 2012 in Libreville.

She thus became the one whispering in the ears of major leaders, in Gabon, elsewhere, political and economic decision-makers of the continent, without forgetting those who make Africa, the actors on the ground, start-ups, women entrepreneur, civil society actors … A high-value event organizer, she participates in others as a moderator in Africa and Europe. With the same conviction: «Take another look at Africa by accompanying the actors of its economic transformation in the resonance of their messages”.

“Africa is a land of opportunity”

With GMC, she focuses on supporting young entrepreneurs and initiatives that empower women in Africa. Through, among other things, a network she joined as Ambassador, Women in Africa, in which she has regularly been for four years running capacity building sessions across the continent alongside the Economic Department of the African Union. “There are very many women, men, young and younger in high value-added sectors, who everywhere in Africa are doing extraordinary things … They deserve to be valued and known in order to promote real vocations. We must them under the limelight to show a more positive image of Africa to the rest of the world. ”

A career and a commitment that earned her May 3 the sixtieth edition of Hub Africa in Casablanca, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award. An edition dedicated to the African Diasporas to which, Seynadou said, Africa is “a land of opportunity” provided you know how to seize them as she did it. “Africa is certainly a land of opportunity, but as Africans we have a great responsibility … that of helping to bring together all the conditions necessary for its endogenous development.” For her, it is about “Put my know-how at the service of active transformation actors of this continent.” She added:” I received this award with great humility and gratitude … the best is yet to be built in Africa in unity and constructive synergies! ”

“African women must fully asume their successes as well as their failures by agreeing to share them to inspire other women.”

Jazz lover in her spare time, far from rhinestones and sequins, behind the scenes, Seynabou belongs to this generation of young Africans, uninhibited, proud of their continent and determined to transform it with professionalism, ambition, and rigor. Do not be fooled by her charm and sweet voice Seynabou is a boss and knows how to lead her teams, ann iron hand in a velvet glove. One of those women who made the history of this continent and who more than ever will build its future. With another conviction: the need to connect parts of Africa. “More than a mere saying, I am convinced that if we get to know each other better and favor multifaceted collaborations, we will multiply our firepower and brilliantly break the famous glass ceiling with brilliance!” She urged in a signed tribune on Africa Point. All African women must fully assume their successes as well as failures by accepting to share them in order to inspire other women.” A message that she does not only promote but applies it.

As an early partner, through her Libreville office, Africa News Agency seizes this opportunity to congratulate Seynabou Dia qui assists us in the set challenge that we to ourselves, that of changing outside view of Africa by shedding the spotlight on those who effectively shape the outside view of Africa, among them and undoubtedly, Seynabou Dia.

Translated by Kamailoudini Tagba

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