Career Ashley Gnahoua “ Become Your Talent ”

Between Côte d’Ivoire and France, Ashley Gnahoua, in charge of the Community and Marketing management Africa of one of the world’s leading online video sharing companies, founded “Become Your Talent”,  a support and coaching program.


In the virtual community, she is known as Okedje. At 31, Ashley Gnahoua, French-Ivorian, masters the art of digital communication. While this passion came to her at an early age, she turned first to a classical course. “I was born and raised in France. After a high school diploma in Economics and Social Studies, I continued to the university. After a second year of a Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Social Administration, I went into active life as a management assistant “.

Far from her little girls’ dream … “As a child, I wanted to be a journalist, or lawyer, or teacher. I aligned my fluffy toys and imitated the school mistress talking for hours. I also gave speeches in front of an assembly of deodorants and perfumes. Then I realized that the field of communication corresponded to my aspirations. Afterwards, the opportunities of life allowed me to have a solid experience in this field. “

Staying a student throughout your life

Blogger, photographer, event organizer, Ashley invests herself extensively in all aspects of communication and develops skills in all segments. “‘Vision, Valley, Victory’, to use the title of a song from Schekina, my favorite Ivorian gospel band. These three words best describe the way to go, the path to take to get to what I still consider a step. Communication has become a vocation, I think. From an early age, my imagination was projected into this field. However, life, education, a certain indecision also linked to the desire to content and satisfy others pushed me to make bad choices in life, not without incidence on my career. Fortunately, life is like a GPS. It recalculates after errors and allows us to arrive, sometimes by strange detours, to our destination.”

A new click seized her at the dawn of her thirtieth birthday, a fateful age for many young workers. “I felt that year a need for a change. Life had not been obvious and the future seemed uncertain. I wanted a stable job in a domain which I liked. The opportunity came and I seized it. Even though I had not done the appropriate studies, the school would have saved me time, but today, I know how to do what I was hired for, thanks to my various experiences. I think I owe this to the internet, too. It is a place of all possibilities. And I continue to learn: in books, on the web, with experts, by reading magazines, informing me about what’s going on and, who knows, maybe I’ll go back one day back school “.

Her drive: share and exchange

Today, she has returned to her passion and writes in magazines, blogs, and webzines. With the same desire: share and exchange. “I have a blog OKédjè’s Testimony, through which I share my daily life. Telling the failures and successes of my life can help; provide help, motivation, and comfort. I was also editor for several webzines. One day, going to represent Ayanawebzine on behalf of Amie Kouamé, the general manager of Ayana & Company, at Adicomdays, I was put in touch with the company for which I work today. I wanted to come to Africa, I always wanted to live here, and particularly in Ivory Coast”.

From her passion, Ashley has made skills and now holds the post of community marketing manager Africa of the second international platform for video hosting. “My work consists in managing the social networks of the platform by promoting contents integrated by partners or made by ourselves. In addition, I also manage the reputation and the relational implementation on the African continent. In parallel, she set up a coaching program. “Through this experience of life, I had at heart to establish Become Your Talent, a program to discover once hidden graces and fulfill their destiny. Why? To be fulfilled and become a source of fulfillment for others. I propose public and free masterclasses and sessions for individual support “.

Life coach

She gives us some keys solutions to her success. “For me, entrepreneurship is a challenge. However, in my opinion, the challenge does not come from being a woman entrepreneur. It’s about being able to design, to accept and to understand our activity, why are we doing this? Is it just to feed our family? provide for the home or by passion? What we actually mean by trying to manage is in fact the inescapable components of entrepreneurship. So many African women entrepreneurs ignore that. There are many types of women entrepreneurs with their respective challenges. Take the example of women from informal trade. Sometimes I feel like because they are doing a little activity to meet the family’s needs, that’s normal. There is no reason to be amazed. We hear: she sells to the market, to pay for the school fees of her children, it’s not magic. I believe it is. They are initiators of companies and help a whole population to subsist without even knowing the economic mechanisms. That’s where the extraordinary lies.

Then, “we have to get closer to associations, cooperatives or organizations for the empowerment of women. Attend conferences or trainings, which urge women to create and maintain their businesses. Have mentors, people more experienced in the field or in the business in which you operate. Create or integrate networks of women entrepreneurs. And within these networks, it is necessary to find out about others, their vocation and to take time to look for the projects that fundamentally makes hearts beat. Tomorrow’s Africa is built with the excellent talents and work of today’s women. “

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