Morocco: Protection of victims

The Moroccan Association for Victims’ Rights (AMDV) was established in April 2021. Its overriding objectives include “defending the cause of victims of crimes and sexual abuse, in accordance with relevant international conventions and constitutional and national foundations” and contributing to the development and consolidation of Moroccan justice reforms. 

The AMDV aims to defend the rights of children, women and all vulnerable social groups who are victims of sexual abuse, while working to make their voices heard and to provide them with legal, psychological, health and social support. Indeed, their voices were unheard because of the dominant social conservatism,

The purpose of our actions is to “fight impunity, which is characterized by the disregard of the rights of victims and a violation of the principle of equality of citizens before the law” and therefore contribute to the development and consolidation of the reforms of the Moroccan justice. 

In this wake, the AMDV has set itself the task of reacting to all hostile comments that undermine the principle of independence of the Moroccan judiciary, enshrined in the Constitution of 2011.  

It is therefore in accordance with its statute, that the Moroccan Association for Victims’ Rights (AMDV), intends to vigorously denounce the recent nonsensical comments by the French lawyer Vincent Brengarth, from the firm Bourdon and Associates, by which he has knowingly aligned himself with the slanderous position of certain supporters of the defendant Maati Monjib in France and Morocco. 

“Contribute to the development and consolidation of the reforms of the Moroccan justice “

Besides Monjib’s case, Mr. Brengarth has taken the liberty to interfere in other cases pending before courts, by unfoundedly denigrating sovereign institutions, including the Moroccan judicial system, which has authorized him, out of concern for fairness and not out of obligation, to participate in the defense of his compatriot.

This lawyer has unduly claimed for himself the right to refer, in violation of his obligation of reserve, to the cases of two other defendants, namely Omar Radi and Souleimane Raissouni, whom he is not mandated to defend and whose proceedings are currently in the appeals process.

The Moroccan Association for Victims’ Rights (AMDV) has therefore examined the excesses committed by Mr. Brenghart, and wishes to express its indignation at his inadmissible attitude, which transgresses the ethics of the legal profession, going so far as to question the content of the Moroccan-French judicial cooperation agreement.

The AMDV wishes to condemn with the utmost firmness the inexcusable overstepping of this French lawyer, who tends to belittle the independence of justice of a sovereign state, by slyly reducing serious sexual crimes sanctioned by all international criminal laws to a violation of the freedom of expression. 

That freedom is, by the way, guaranteed by the Moroccan fundamental law and which Mr. Brenghart misused on its soil to delegitimize the national institutions of the Kingdom of Morocco, therefore, proving all the vacuity and especially the indigence of his verbal diarrhea.  

*By the Executive Board of the Moroccan Association for the Defense of Victims’ Rights (AMDV).

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