Jacky Bouagan: « Science is just beautiful and amazing”

Jacky Sorrel Bouanga Boudiombo is a Gabonese Post-Doctorate in Physical Sciences, specializing in material chemistry. Her current research is entitled “Drug formulation and development: Systematicanalysis of solid solutions by co-sublimation”. She is one of the winners of the 2021 edition of the Young Talents Award of the For Women in Sciences program supported by the L’Oréal Foundation. Interview portrait.

Interviewed by Ange Iliza, in Kigali 

Could you introduce yourself ? 

My name is Jacky Bouanga and I am the winner of the L’Oréal Foundation’s 2021 “Young Talents in Sub-Saharan Africa” award. I studied chemistry in South Africa, and I also have a PhD in crystallography.

Why this interest in science? 

I am a graduate student and my work is focused on drug treatment facilitation, which means I want to reduce the amount of medication people take. Right now, I’m only focusing on HIV/AIDS, because it’s a treatment where there are a lot of pills prescribed. So I’m trying to reduce the amount by mixing two or three drugs into one pill.  This will make it easier for people to take them. Later on, my work can be extended to other diseases.

Why do you think women in science should be promoted in Africa? 

Science is just beautiful and amazing, and there are plenty of men in the field already. Women are smart and there’s so much to do. So I think that the more they learn science, the more they realize the value of it, the more we will have women in the world at the forefront of science, and in so many other areas than the one we are in.

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