Interview Rassim Benghanem “www.algerian-export.com, showcase of the Made in Algeria”

Rassim Benghanem, Founder of BG firm, launched www.algerian-export.com, a platform intended to promote Algerian productions throughout the world, particularly in Africa.

Interview by Dounia Ben Mohamed


Tell us about this platform and its objectives?



www.algerian-export.com is a digital platform which is currently the showcase for Algerian production.

Professional marketplace with international reach

It therefore promotes exports of Algerian products and services in foreign markets. Thanks to digital which allows us a wide  and permanent visibility on the whole world. Like the economies in Africa, our products, other than hydrocarbons and natural resources, are little known. So this is the main objective set out through this platform, which is to show this hidden potential.


How does it work and how does your platform remove the obstacles that prevent to the boom in exports?

www.algerian-export.com is a platform with a virtual gallery of Algerian products and services. Each member company can highlight its products or services by exhibiting photos of these, a description of its activity, as well as the contacts of export managers, for efficient handling of requests for products or needs of foreign buyers.  For foreign prospects, the platform is equipped with a search engine that provides the most comfortable user experience, but also relevant research that meets their needs. The goal is to facilitate the prospecting of Algerian products for export. In recent years, we have been involved in the organization of several economic events in Africa and Europe, allowing us to capitalize on a very important professional network that we are currently using to disseminate and promote this initiative.


Streamline the prospecting of Algerian products for export


In front of obstacles linked to the development of exports, the lack of international recognition of our products, as well as the non-existence of business networks on which to rely, www.algerian-export.com thus becomes an important  tool of export promotion. Diplomatic missions can also use it to showcase our non-hydrocarbon export potential.


AfCFTA, an opportunity for you? How do you prepare for it?


Absolutely! In fact, AfCFTA is an opportunity for all African economies, as long as we manage to connect all the economic operators of the continent with each other… that’s why, we launched this platform. We aim more proximity to foreign customers, particularly African, with the entry into the largest free trade area in the world. Important comparative advantages exist for the benefit of African economies, of which Algeria must play a role as a locomotive and climb to the top of the continent.


Digital is a tool that became essential


Digital, as we have clearly noticed, during the Covid-19 pandemic, is a tool that has become essential and constitutes a growth lever for many countries and we intend to take advantage of it. To raise awareness of the importance of inter-African exchanges, several actions are on the program of www.algerian-export.com, namely the organization of sectorial webinars like the pharmaceutical, energy or agrifood sector , already scheduled… roadshows will follow on the continent with delegations of business leaders to encourage and increase trade between African countries.

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