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Hydrocarbons Gabon will soon be exporting LNG

Formerly operated by Canadian Natural Resources (CNR), the Olowi field, located 20 km from our shores, passes into the hands of Perenco Oil & Gas Gabon, according to a memorandum of understanding initialed July 10. This commits the parties to hand over the Olowi field to Perenco, not only for oil exploitation, but also for the implementation of a major national gas project. In accordance with the guidelines of the President of the Republic, Gabon has undertaken to gradually reduce gas flaring. Thus the project mentioned above will help to address this issue and improve national gas production, according to Minister Noël Mboumba. The CEO of Perenco has hinted that his company, committed alongside the Gabonese state, will develop the gas potential of the Olowi field, which represents 85 million standard cubic feet (MMSCFD gas), liquefying and export. This means that when the project is implemented, our country, which already produces it, will become an exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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