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Gaming: Professional level takes hold in Africa with the final “Orange Esport Experience” in Abidjan

Esport  continues to grow in Africa with national and international competitions. The next big event will be the regional final of the “Orange Esport Experience” in Abidjan on 28 and 29 January 2023. A way for the operator to unearth the champions of tomorrow.

By the editorial staff

The grand regional final of the pan-African championship “Orange Esport Experience” will bring together in Abidjan the best gamers from 14 countries: Benin Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone. For two days, these national champions will compete on the world’s most popular games such as Street Fighter V, FIFA 2023, eFootball 2023 (formerly PES) and during a demo match on League Of Legends.

“As an actor committed to digital, sport and culture in Africa, Orange Côte d’Ivoire Africa, Orange Côte d’Ivoire is committed to defending innovation in all its in all its forms. It is therefore an honour to host this year in Abidjan the 4th edition of the Orange Esport Experience in Abidjan, an initiative representative of a connected Africa”,  states Mamadou Bamba, Managing Director of Orange Côte d’Ivoire.

“With a predominantly young population and the democratisation of high-speed Internet, Africa offers the ideal setting for growing this discipline”

For the organiser, this competition is also the best way to spot the future stars of Esport in Africa and the Middle East. “With a predominantly young  population and the democratization of high-speed Internet, Africa offers the ideal setting for this fast-growing discipline”, says Brelotte Ba, Deputy Director of Orange Africa and Middle East.

“Gaming” is now a real professional discipline that creates many jobs, in the creates many jobs in cybersecurity, AI and Open Innovation. It is now a market worth more than one billion dollars worldwide. With 400 million users connected to the internet from their smartphones their smartphones in Africa, ahead of Europe and the United States.

And as if to reinforce the promotion of African talent, the organiser will take the opportunity of the “Orange Esport Experience” to launch the event “Max your pride”. A world first for this operation to promote the continent’s cultures in video games. cultures of the continent in video games. The principle: to offer players the opportunity to represent themselves in costumes from their regions of origin.

Three young designers from the region, Yasmine El Tazi ( region), Ibrahim Fernandez (SSA region) and Marie-Laure Jaomatana (Madagascar), will be tasked with (Madagascar), will have the task of proposing outfits that combine tradition and modernity. But above all the identity of today’s Africans. Indeed, in the the multitude of video games currently on the world market, none of them offers costumes that represent Africa or the Middle East.

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