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France Sibeth Ndiaye, appointed spokesperson for the government, “Where you are, you are in your place”

The Elysee announced on March 31 evening the entry into the government of three new secretaries of state. Among them, Sibeth Ndiaye, close associate of Emmanuel Macron in charge of the press, was named Secretary of State spokesperson of the government. She is replacing Benjamin Griveaux, in the running for the inauguration LREM for municipal in Paris planned in 2020.

“Today I am going to walk a walk, I am aware that it is high,” she said. She recalled her career with chosen words, without saying that she had worked with Claude Bartolone, then socialist president of Seine-Saint-Denis. In this department “where nothing is simple, but where everything is possible, I learned that as soon as public action dares, it can change the lives of people, in real life,” she said.

“Be sure, yesterday, doubt overwhelmed me when I saw the march stand in front of me. It was first to my family that I turned, “she continued, citing words that her parents, father No. 2 of the Senegalese Democratic Party, mother president of the Constitutional Council from 2000 to 2010, he said she did not doubt: “Where you are, you are in your place.” “Now, I dare, France gave me a lot, today it’s my turn to give it back to her,” she said.

The new spokeswoman then went to the Elysee, for its first council of ministers. At the end of it, during which the head of state, she said, “welcomed the entry into the government of long-term committed people” who embody “diversity, youth and emergence of a new generation “.

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