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France: Commission report on French Rwanda archives highlights “French military and political failure”, Kigali hails “an important step towards a common understanding of France’s role

The President of the Republic today received the members of the research commission on the French archives relating to Rwanda and the Tutsi genocide.


In accordance with the letter of mission addressed to Professor Vincent Duclert on 5 April 2019, the commission submitted to the President of the Republic the report resulting from two years of research on the role and commitment of France in Rwanda between 1990 and 1994.


This research work was based on unprecedented access to all French archives relating to Rwanda.


The President of the Republic praised the remarkable scientific work accomplished by the commission and stressed that this report marked a considerable advance in the understanding and qualification of France’s involvement in Rwanda. The report will be immediately made public and posted online.


The President of the Republic encouraged the continuation of the work of knowledge and memory on the genocide of the Tutsis. In the coming days, the two main archives relating to France’s involvement in Rwanda and all the documents cited in the commission’s report will be made available.


At the same time, France will continue its efforts to fight against impunity for those responsible for genocide crimes.


Finally, the President of the Republic stressed that this report will be shared with the Rwandan authorities and, through its publicity, with the entire Rwandan people, whose dignity and capacity for reconciliation France salutes.


Kigali welcomed “an important step towards a common understanding of France’s role”, in a Foreign Ministry statement.


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