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Dakar-Bamako railway: “ECOWAS has finalized all the technical aspects

The Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) is planning 17,000 kilometers of roads to better address issues related to regional integration. This is at least what Pathé Gueye, the Commissioner of the said institution said during a high-level panel on major issues of regional integration as part of the activities of the 1st Forum on Integration.

“ECOWAS is 6 million square kilometers and 400 million inhabitants. To take advantage of Zlecaf, it is important that it focuses on quality infrastructure, and on a large scale. In the road sector, 17 thousand kilometers of roads are planned. Among these, there is the corridor: Praia – Dakar – Guinea Bissau – Guinea Conakry – Sierra Leone – Cotonou – Lagos”, said Mr. Gueye, in his speech. He also announced the imminent start of work on the Dakar-Bamako railroad.

“ECOWAS has completed all the technical aspects of this project. The two countries are in the process of finalizing it.

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