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Ivory Coast The 18th Agoa Forum will be held in Abidjan from 4 to 6 August

The 18th Agoa Forum of 4 and 6 August 2019 in Ivory Coast.
Agoa allows Sub-Saharan African countries to export a series of manufactured goods and raw materials to the US market without customs duty since 2001. More than 6,400 products from this zone are entering the US market in duty free. 39 countries including Côte d’Ivoire are eligible for 2019 and 27 countries are eligible for profits for the textile sector, one of the most taxed in the United States.
Ivory Coast’s exports to the United States in 2018 amounted to more than $ 1.2 billion and Ivorian products benefited from duty-free status worth more than $ 218 million. The main Ivorian products exported are cocoa, petroleum products, rubber, nuts, wood and handicrafts.

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