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Ranking Africa has only two “emerging countries”, Morocco and South Africa (ISEME)

The Institute of Emergence has published the second annual ranking of African countries on economic emergence based on the Synthetic Index of Economic Emergence (ISEME) which takes into account inclusive wealth, economic dynamism, structural transformation and good integration into the world economy. Algeria, Botswana and Egypt are included in the category of “pre-emergent” countries, the second of the five proposed in the nomenclature of the Institut de l’Émergence which includes ten countries in total (including Tunisia and Côte-d’Ivoire), knowing that the first category only has two “emerging countries”, Morocco and South Africa. In the third category are sixteen countries with “potentially emerging” status (including Senegal and Cape Verde). In the fourth category, that of “emerging aspirant” countries, there are fourteen countries (including Ethiopia and Malawi). Finally, at the bottom of the ranking, countries with “underdeveloped” status include three countries: Liberia, Central Africa and Burundi.

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