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Weekend column Modern Democracy: A Sore Loser Sows Doubt

If he doesn’t return the apron immediately, Congress would move to impeach. So spoke Nancy Pelosi, spokeswoman for Congress, just before in a terse tweet, the outgoing President of the United States decided not to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on January 20. Since 1869, this has never happened in this country, which in recent years has established itself as the world’s policeman and champion of modern democracy! Some people refer to the watered sprinkler! It can be said for a Head of State with unwelcoming methods during his one and so “long” mandate, during which he succeeded in the “exploits” of shaking hands with dictators who played with the security of the world, to insult his counterparts on the African continent …


By Daouda Mbaye


After the contesting of the results of an election where he was beaten flatly by his opponent, with figures never equaled in history, that is to say 80.1 million for the elected president against 73.9 million for the vanquished, observers believed that the ultras of his camp would go no further than a few motley processions with their Confederate flags and accoutrements from another era … But then, at the last attempt to reason with them, he and his group of supremacists, during a session of the two reunited rooms, madmen invade the Capitol, helped by some police officers, sell off, plant homemade bombs, steal laptops … in this hustle and bustle worthy of a medieval seizure of power, 4 killed, including a lady ! The rest we know! Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi… were narrowly exfiltrated. Anonymous such as Marialuisa Macellaro argued: “The line is crossed forever. I’m ashamed of the American people… ”. It’s fair enough that Facebook and Twitter are suspending the account of a president who thought he was out of Jupiter’s thigh. Yet until the end, Democrats Raphael Swarnock and Ossoff were ahead of their respective Republican opponents Loeffler and Perdue in the Senate! Deaf to the arrests of members of his camp, such as Colin Powell, Arnold Schwarzenegger … going so far as to call on the Republicans to raise awareness of those who go against a stupid crazy and evil ploy to cling to power throwing centuries of American principles out of the window, he ended up paying the price!


Back to basics


For us Africans, rich in the constitution of Mande, the great civilization of Meroe… there is much to learn from this period full of twists and turns. It is true that all this is happening at a time when a WHO investigative mission on the ins and outs of Covid-19 is banned from entering China, when Bitcoin is breaking records (more than 45,000 $ US), that Jack Ma, Alibaba’s Big Boss, is scarce, isn’t this the time to question ourselves and reinvent the future? It would go from the management of a truly democratic power to the ways of the production of electricity by superconductivity …


Daouda MBaye, Journalist


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