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CEEAC  2 billion of dollars fund transfer for migrants in 2018

According to the report «  Panorama of Fund transfer in the CEEAC countries » co-finance the secretariat in charge of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group Group of States (ACP) and the European Commission, the total of the Fund transfers of African migrants to the CEEAC was 2,036 million of dollars (around 1186 billion of FCFA) in 2018. The Democratic Republic of Congo arrives on top with 1,405 billion of dollars (69%)received, then comes Cameroon with 345 million (17%) around 201 billion of FCFA. The next immediate are: Rwanda, 230 million of dollars (11,3%), Burundi 36 million of dollars(1,7%) and Sao Tome and Principe 17 million of dollars (0,83%).

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