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Francophonie: time for the economy! 

The great meeting of the Francophonie, which has been postponed time and time again because of COVID and the instability in Tunisia, was finally held on November 19 and 20 in Djerba. It was an opportunity for its members to reaffirm the direction taken. Namely, building on values that unite...
The month of record

Rwanda: French could be returning to in school 

Rwanda replaced French with English as its language of education a decade ago, but French might be on a revival, thanks to a deliberate effort by the government and the Francophonie to bring back the language.  By Ange Iliza, at Kigali French was the most widely spoken European language in...
The month of record

INTERVIEW – Tayeb Amegroud: “With renewable energy, Africa can make a qualitative and quantitative leap, as with mobile telephony”

Tayeb Amegroud, an energy planning expert and senior fellow at the Policy Center in Morocco, believes in Africa’s potential to integrate renewable energy into the economy. Without denying the challenges that still need to be addressed. Interview by Mérième Alaoui  What is your assessment of the development of renewable energies...
The month of record

Côte d’Ivoire: the results of the Green Fund 

Côte d'Ivoire has benefited from two international financing programs to adapt to climate change. With the Green Climate Fund, the use of solar energy is included in the country's energy mix. To effectively benefit from this UN investment, the Ivorian authorities are working to better train human resources.  By Issiaka...
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