The month of record

The month of record

Tunisia: Towards and against all, the Tunisian exception

On January 14th, Tunisia celebrated the eighth anniversary of the revolution. A half-hearted anniversary as the expectations of the promises of the revolution are still great while the country knows a difficult socio-economic situation, against a backdrop of political crisis. However, the country that has paved the way for the...
The month of record

Orange: video reportage focuses on Tunisian youth

Present in 20 countries in Africa and the Middle East with nearly 120 million customers and 5 billion euros of revenue in 2017, the French telecom operator Orange has put Africa at the heart of its strategy of development. It has chosen Tunisia to host its pilot projects. Reportage at...
The month of record

Thalasso and medical tourism fill up

If the tourist activity today resumes, it is renewed and knows a new dynamic. With a niche that is confirmed. Thalassotherapy, state-of-the-art clinics, specialized surgical operations, "low cost" care ... Tunisia confirms its position as a medical tourism platform with an increasingly diversified clientele: the traditional Europeans have added the...
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Education : Émancipons-nous de l’esclavage mental !

Les pays africains ont été confrontés à des problèmes de gestion et à des changements sociétaux associés à une croissance économique rapide. Les écoles de commerce africaines doivent assumer la responsabilité de former des talents adéquats qui aideront à développer davantage les entreprises ; chose qui permettra de combler les lacunes...
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