Mali: Diaspora draws the stakes of the presidential election

Mali will elect a new president on July 29, 2018. APUMAF, an organization in diaspora made mainly of academics, establishes the country's priorities by inviting and debating with candidates. Simon Vermot Desroches Moussa Mara, former Prime Minister and recent declared candidate in the presidential election was the first to address...

Wizodia: immovable property made in Africa

Africa is experiencing a "brain gain". Although very difficult to measure, the phenomenon of 'the repats movement' is observed throughout the continent. Often this is accompanied by the acquisition of an immovable property. Rudy Casbi The economic growth of the African continent does not leave the diasporas indifferent. Even if...

Abidjan at the time of cryptocurrency

Ivory Coast will host a brand new training. As part of its development, Ivorian computer coders will learn to manage... cryptocurrencies. Rudy Casbi This will be the first training of its kind in Ivory Coast. Some young Ivorians will receive training in computer coding. This one will have the particularity...

The blockchain: finance 2.0 in Africa, is it possible?

According to the reference site 300,000 digital financial transactions have been carried out every day in the world since the beginning of 2017 thanks to blockchain... What is its impact on the continent's development? Rudy Casbi. Inquiry   Global finance is undergoing a revolution and Africa is no exception...

Cameroon: At the Italian school

Construction of the Yaoundé sports complex in preparation for the 2019 CAN, social houses; establishment of an urban transport network in the capital; creation of a processing plant for agricultural products ... The Italians now appear as the privileged partners of Cameroon in full construction as part of the "pre-emerging"...
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