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Tourism : Time for recovery!

After a year of crisis in 2020, time has come for tourism to rebound on the continent. Safe", ecological or local tourism... Everyone has their own approach to position their destination among the most attractive this summer.  By Dounia Ben Mohamed While 2020 was synonymous with containment and border closures...

Energy :Rio Tinto commits to clean mining industry

Rio Tinto, a mining group committed to the energy transition, has signed a power purchasing agreement for a new renewable energy plant to power the operations of its QIT Madagascar Minerals (QMM) ilmenite mine. The aim is to achieve the carbon neutral objective by 2023. By DBM The project, carried...

Share Africa: promoting Africa in the 21st century

Share Africa, a platform launched in 2020 by Franco-Ivorian top model Valerie Ka, is stepping up initiatives to foster African creativity at all levels.  By DBM The Share Africa forum was initiated with the aim of participating in the Africa2020 Season, the pan-African and multidisciplinary initiative wanted by President Emmanuel...

AFD and Paris 2024 partner to promote « athlete-entrepreneurs »

The partnership between the French Development Agency and Paris 2024 announced in 2020 has been finalized with the launch of an incubator dedicated to "athlete-entrepreneurs", particularly in Africa.  By Jacques Leroueil Unveiled during the Global Sports Week 2021 in February, the first group, mostly African athletes, 16 of the 26...

Report : Rwanda Finance Limited and Africa Legal promote pan-africana investment

Rwanda Finance Limited and Africa Legal announce the launch of their second research collaboration highlighting the current realities and future opportunities for capital deployment in African markets. The report, entitled "Achieving and Facilitating Pan-African Investment", combines unique data analysis and insights from a global research survey with interviews and commentary...

Uganda : economy is on a recovery trend

Uganda’s economy is on a recovery trend after facing the negative impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The economy grows by 3.3% in 2020/21 financial year amid COVID-19 pandemic. A recovery tagged this growth to how quickly the country and the region access the COVID-19 vaccines to limit the impact...

Amadou Diawara “the digital revolution must be African”

Actively encouraging African digital solutions implies building capacity to make the ongoing digital revolution a success. An African tech entrepreneur's call to the continent's leaders. By Amadou Diawara, founder and CEO of Kingui Social Ladies and Gentlemen African leaders,  I am writing to you today to remind you just how...

Interview with Rémy Rioux: « an All-Africa approach »

Rémy Rioux, who has been CEO of the French Development Agency since 2016, is heading an institution that has never mobilized as much funds (12.1 billion euros of commitments in 2020) to finance the climate and social sectors in emerging countries, particularly in Africa. With nearly 50% of the financial...
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