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Africa in 2019: wishful thinking

The stakes of the power conservation at any price slow down the political and economic progress of Africa By Adame Wade*  Urbi and Orbi. African democracy continues its steep path marked out between the demands of sacrosanct local specificities and the necessary respect of the popular will. However, should we...
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Education : Émancipons-nous de l’esclavage mental !

Les pays africains ont été confrontés à des problèmes de gestion et à des changements sociétaux associés à une croissance économique rapide. Les écoles de commerce africaines doivent assumer la responsabilité de former des talents adéquats qui aideront à développer davantage les entreprises ; chose qui permettra de combler les lacunes...

The next step for cooperatives is certification

Cooperatives’ success in sustainable development, wealth creation, and poverty alleviation give many hope for an equitable future. As we commend cooperatives, it is important to recognize and understand how they function. By Amy Zhang Cooperatives are largely based on the Rochdale Society in 1844 from England. In a time of...

Tribune “Oral health is the business of all”

In Africa, oral health is unfortunately not a major concern, though the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) are clear: 60 to 90% of schoolchildren suffer from dental pathologies in these developing countries with poor access to fluoride and care. By Daisy Lekounda* Unanimously, the practitioners believe that the continent's...

Video games and Esport: a chance for Africa!

The world today has nearly 2 billion users of all-screen video games. This industry has been booming for 10 years, especially with the emergence of a new brand called Esport, which has a serious employment potential so much that the industry has been professionally growing in Europe, Asia and America....

In 2018, civil society will provide leadership… but

At the dawn of 2018, the continent faces a turning point in its evolution. While civil society has never shown so much appetite for entrepreneurship: it has become more vocal on these issues various demands. This naturally creates a clear distance in the relationship between elites and the general populace....

Female leadership: A change of imagination is needed!

In our collective imagination, the notion of leadership is still strongly associated with the masculine. Yet it is becoming inconstable and almost indisputable that the position of women as leaders in many areas is a reality. By Joly Andres *   Female leadership has been able to build itself and...
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