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Cape Verde: UN makes $23 million available to fund social projects

The United Nations (UN) and Cape Verde have just signed a joint work plan for 2021 in Praia, which concerns the provision of a 23 million dollar envelope to Cape Verde to finance social projects as part of its development programme.

According to the terms of this work plan, the United Nations will facilitate the search for funding, but also the monitoring of projects. Ana Graça, UN Resident Coordinator in Cape Verde, said that part of the announced funding, i.e. $19 million, has already been made available to Cape Verde, suggesting that the rest of the amount will be mobilised thanks to the support of the country’s various partners.

“The strength of all the partners together and the increase in solidarity are important, because the pandemic has had dramatic effects throughout the world,” she said.

The government of Cape Verde, for its part, committed itself to using the funds obtained effectively to meet the “major challenges” of the island’s development.

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