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AfCFTA Afro Champions engages 1 Trillion $ to accelerate the activation of the free trade area

It’s undeniable, nowadays to notice the active role of civil society and private sector in the African continent played in order to boost the African integration. In this perspective, Afro Champions, as a club regrouping a number of political leaders and business man of African origins, engage an investment of one trillion dollars till 2030 in order to accelerate the coming into real force of the free trade area in Africa. An initiative adopted by the organization of the African Union.

By Bilkiss Mentari

Afro Champions, a club of businessmen, political leaders coming all from Africa is advancing and investment initiative of 1 trillion dollars to set in place the free trade area in the African continent, in its quality of an effective activist in the civil society, it’s undeniable that civil society and the private sector are playing a meaningful role in boosting the economy in Africa and contributing in the fulfillment of the African integration.

The initiative consists in an investment of one trillion dollars by Afro champions lead by the former Nigerian president surrounded by African political leaders as well as businessmen. This initiative was technically advanced by the office Konfidants that works on the African integration in collaboration the office of strategic communications Impulse Africa located in Accra. The initiative is aiming to help emerge the African champions the economic field.

Afro Champions is a multidimensional initiative that embraces numerous projects and partnerships especially between the public and the private sectors aiming to boost the African and institutions and resources. Afro Champions in this perspective is setting an investment framework as a working plan document and through this formal concretization the club is ensuring the investment community and trying to stimulate new investors to the African futile lands. The working platform was officially admitted by the African states presidents in the occasion of 33rdAfrican summit organized by the African Union. It was affirmed in the occasion that Afro Champion can henceforth contact the ministries of the states especially those in charges of commercial, financial, industrial affairs in order to boost the initiative and push deeper into achievement, may the African economic integration and the free trade area progress effectively.

“The success of the free trade area requires more efforts  to focus more on solutions such the regional and panafrican directives on project which help select”

Concretely, the initiative is about a project of investment valued of 1 trillion dollars hence it’s prioritizing the private sector the actor and profiting party of the development in the continent. In this regard, presidents of states, are henceforth invited after consultation of their own government to propose projects in favor the free trade area in order to help this real initiative of investment progress and see the light and they will be sponsored by the Afro Champion itself; this offer is included in the framework official document.

This fund is going to help see African champions in the economic field emerge in the international scene as leaders in the domain, not only, but also play a role in developing the economic integration thanks to the investment projects that have objective the development of the continent in different dimensions . This is being fulfilled through the establishment of new companies in different economic sectors characterized with high potentials and international good reputation, may the initiative globally seem more seductive for the economic actors and operators. It’s definitely sure these efforts will only have good impacts on the commercial activities in the country and the infrastructure.

“I invite my colleagues, presidents of States, to participate actively in this framework document in order to move the financial resources that our continent need to economically prosper” 

This initiative will offer new possibilities in the economic field and help attract more investors coming from different regions of the globe, not only, but also boost our partnerships with our stranger partners. It is hence considered as a preeminent initiative materialized in the framework document the fruit of long studies. May Africa lie among the big economic actors in the world with us investing in fields and products made in Africa, it is up to us to rise up the challenge.

Keep up to date to the next July for the effective coming into force the free trade area. In this occasion Afro Champions will present the result of their world before the launching of the fund of 2020



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