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Condor launches a new subsidiary “Condor Academy”

The Condor Group has just reached a new stage in its development by launching its new Condor Academy Spa subsidiary, announces a company press release on May 15th. Condor Academy, is a new structure that aims to combine the development of business and training and upgrading of different skills, so as to follow the strategy and evolution of the Group. This new subsidiary is expected to operate transversally and thus support the Group’s strategic projects, especially in the area of ​​training. The creation of Condor Academy is a real managerial and strategic commitment of the group which has diversified into a dozen activities, the main objective of which is to reinforce skills for all personnel at all levels and for all of the Condor Group and its subsidiaries. In addition, Condor Academy will soon offer its services to businesses and the general public to share knowledge and technologies. The creation of this new subsidiary will inevitably give the Condor Group a dimension of anticipation, namely to undertake not to suffer, choose to invest in its skills to meet the challenges of today and prepare to meet those of tomorrow . It should be noted that a multidisciplinary training program will be implemented with a view to providing training by highly qualified trainers, and which will involve around 2,500 learners after one year. To this end, partnership agreements with major Algerian and foreign schools have already been signed to align the group’s competencies with international standards. Certified ISO 9001, 14001, 26000 and OHSAS 18001, for the standards of quality, respect of the environment, social responsibility, health and safety, respectively, the company tends between a model of seriousness and competence.

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