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SAS Explore is bringing together in a virtual global conference on September 28 and 29 the main players in the field of analytics and artificial intelligence. This will be an opportunity to explore the latest technological innovations at work in a rapidly changing job market.

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While the COVID pandemic is not yet completely behind us, and the upheavals it has caused seem to settle in the long term, SAS Explore global analytics and AI conference invites to “explore” the fields of this revolution that is taking place, in particular on the labor market.

A virtual meeting proposed by SAS, a global player operating in 148 countries, specializing in AI-based analytics solutions. Its subsidiary CEMEA is headquartered in Casablanca and its network has 92 companies ranked among the 100 largest in the world.

AI challenges: supply chain issues, human resource shortages, increasing instances of fraud

For this 2022 edition, the main organizations of the sector from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Africa will be represented. They will address all the fields crossed by these technological innovations.

If our daily life, in education, health or transport is disrupted, the great challenges of our century are more urgent. Climate change, economic uncertainty, demographics… Not without impact: supply chain problems, human resource shortages, increasing instances of fraud. But this is where technological innovation comes into play, offering concrete solutions. They will be presented at SAS Explore.

This is the objective of this event: to analyze and evaluate, with the participation the most recognized professional data scientists and AI analysts, problems encountered by companies, before presenting them with the latest tools made available to them by AI to better go through this transformation of the professional world. And at the same time, better anticipate market disruptions, while improving their productivity and business results. 

In this connection, Africa is not at the back of the pack. “The days when we used to talk about “North-South cooperation” or “technology transfer to the Third World” seem very long ago. Today, and thanks to digital technology and AI, African players are competing on “equal terms” with their counterparts in other regions of the globe,” Yassine Chahbi, Manager, Customer Advisory at SAS told ANA, at the 2020 conference. 

Besides conferences, visitors will also have the opportunity to attend dozens of webinars to perfect their training. But more to develop their network. All this virtually and for free. 

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