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Tech Africa is leading the way, and will Tunisia be the capital of Artificial Intelligence ?

African innovation, has been taking its toll, on the continent, and start-ups are emerging,
left and right, and their speciality is technology. Tunisia has taken the attention of a lot of
them, especially in Artificial Intelligence, companies are popping up, showcasing the
“savoir faire” of the small north African country.

By Oussama Djemaa, in Tunis

From the far west to the far east, Afric’Up has held its second edition, in Tunis Tunisia for the
second time. An event that goes far beyond the stereotype of Africa, it has showed to the
world, what the continent has been doing on the matters of Technology and how the tech
scene has been thriving to an extent where tables have turned, and for Africa to take a seat
and have a saying on when it comes to its needs.

“Attention ! Halt ! Africa will succeed”

Mohamed Zoghlemi one of the founders of Afric’Up a believer of the new generation, and
has helped and has said “Attention ! Halt ! Africa will succeed” this was his message to the
youngsters of Tunisia and Africa, that they should believe in their continent and countries for
them to thrive. He also mentions success stories, and how far the African experts have gone,
where they meet face to face with their tech compatriot not only on one continent, but we
are talking here about, the international level. How countries are developing their expertise
together, and how transparent and transcontinental the tech scene is. And how international companies are settling in, in Tunisia for them to bring the ‘savoir faire’ of tech available and to show case their capabilities and not to hide it.



Africa has joined the race : a lot of African countries are embarking and embracing the

It has been known that the tech scene has been evolving, and it is one of the industries that
has changed the courses of different countries around the world. Now that Africa has joined
the race, a lot of African countries are embarking and embracing this industry, because they
are completely aware of the situation, that technology and innovation is an asset, that
should help the country thrive and help it become more out there in the world.

When Marème Dieng, Head of international partnerships and relations Draper University, brought up, the question on, what African start-ups need, is a good ecosystem and besides having a good ecosystem. Is to actually be pragmatic, and real with start-ups, guiding them throughout the system and helping them achieve their dreams, is true a key feature, but you have to push them, with inspiring stories, give them outstanding education, have them have access to what they need to either build an app or a device.



The tech scene is beyond booming in the continent, it is being understood, and cherished

The tech scene is beyond booming in the continent, it is being understood, and cherished.
Countries are sponsoring events, bills are passing for the people to actually have the
opportunities they need, to bring the country forward.

A long sought alternative to economic prosperity, to reduce unemployment, to export
physical tech or software. It is now the answer for some of the problems the continent has
been enduring for decades.

It is bringing the matter on rather few things, beside the ecosystem, as being just with laws
and such, but also the mindset of the people, that needs to elaborate, and be more
understanding. It is a process that is being taken in consideration. An ideology that is being
transmitted throughout the continent of Africa.

At the event seeing the progress, and the evolution the continent has been enduring, for it
to become a new HUB for tech investors, from all around the world. Now it has taken the
attention of the rest of the world, other countries are also, impressed with what has been
going on, to an extent they became endorsers and investors in some African Start-ups.


” The ecosystem that some countries in Africa are using is to attract foreign investors in
countries like Ghana, instead of investing in just one like in Europe 

Baybars Altuntas, Chairman of the World Business Angels Investment Forum
(WBAF), says that investing in Africa can be challenging, but also, it is lucrative. Hint
African governments have created policies to actually help their own startups and investors
to inject money in. The continent will thrive by its own start-up.

Countries have managed to attracts investors, by relocating public funds and attracting
foreigners and that can have two major factors. The first being that when foreigners invest
in another country, they will bring their knowledge and their expertise, to help the startups
develop and hint they will be competing with their fellows in another continent, therefore,
they have to go beyond their comfort zone to try to get the investors to help them achieve
what they need. The second point is that governments don’t have to handle this by
themselves, the public money that is being transferred into Smart Money, is available to
more than a few start-ups.

Capital is expanding in Africa, where countries, have extended its’ horizons, to make a set of
tools to help their developers gain more recognition, and this is when there are two winning
parties. And to develop the Ecosystem for their new born innovators.



“Tunisia does have assets to become a technological pole for artificial intelligence, but …”


Can Tunisia become a Tech Hub ? Going back the Tunisia and if it can be a tech Hub for Artificial Intelligence, Karim Koundi, Deloitte Tunis office associate and a TMT Industry Leader in French speaking Africa, and advisor in central Africa, talked about Tunisia being a country that can actually become a hub. He adds on that Tunisia has three major assets for it to become a hub in Africa.

The country has by far enough experts that can help showcase the ideology behind the
African Dream, hint the event Afric’Up, was filled with Tunisian technophiles. And they are
specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI) robotics like the company Enova Robotics, that sells
its product mainly to France, and this is one of the examples that were showcased in



Still, Africa is still struggling with some issues, like policy issues and a daily availability of the
ecosystem. But though, it has success stories, it has been trying to act on its investments and
go global, with the start-ups, because today a start-up, but tomorrow it might be a global



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