Africa Now:  Future of Africa rethought in Douala

Douala, the economic lifeblood of Central Africa, will host Africa Now from April 10 to 15. The pan-African event, divided into three main events – a summit, a forum and a workshop, will bring together more than 2000 African and international decision-makers. The aim is to prepare the future of a continent which is at the center of global issues.

By editorial staff

Agro-food, energy transition, telecommunications, transport, health, tech, education … So many topics that are at the heart of global issues and for which Africa is at the center of all the challenges but also of all the interests. 

And they will be on the agenda of Africa Now. More than an event, this platform, which will be held in Douala from April 10 to 15, is intended to bring together African decision-makers, the Diaspora and their international partners to think together about the future of Africa, on which the future of the world depends. 

“An invitation to reflect, together, on the new dynamics of Africa”

An invitation to reflect, together, on the new dynamics of Africa, which is divided into three key moments. The first, Africa Now Business, a workshop to be held from April 10 to 15; it will be dedicated to the creation of business opportunities and the facilitation of commercial partnerships to boost the economy and promote Made in Africa within the framework of the AfCFTA, while promoting opportunities for South-South and South-North partnerships.

The second, Africa Now Forum, on April 11 and 12, is a platform for sharing and exchange dedicated to meetings and debates on current economic issues between decision makers and economic operators, in order to facilitate regional integration, including the AfCFTA region. Business missions will be organized on the sidelines of the forum.

The third, Africa Now Summit, on 13 and 14, is an institutional forum for the economic, cultural and social development of Africa.

In addition, a jury of academics and economic figures will reward the best research works and publications on development in Africa. 

“More than 2000 decision makers, including about 50 investors”

Organized under the patronage of Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya, the event will be attended by top officials in Cameroon: Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, Prime Minister and Achille Bassilekin III. Minister of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts, but also prominent figures. These include Moussa Faki Mahamat, President of the African Union (AU) Commission; Philippe Gauthier, President of MEDEF International or Gary Shapiro, President & CEO, Consumer Technology Association. In total more than 2000 decision makers, including fifty investors, and delegations of fifty countries (Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Rwanda, France, etc.). 

Youth and Jobs

“The continent needs to create 29 million jobs for these young people every year. Who creates these jobs? That is not the responsibility of governments. It is companies that create jobs and the entrepreneurs that create companies. The entrepreneur is therefore at the heart of the transformation of the continent,” said Mondher KHANFIR, Commissioner General of the event, also president of the Think Tank “For a Shared prosperity in Africa”.

Entrepreneurs are indeed invited to assume their full role during the meeting.

For more information and to register: http://www.africa-now.org

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