Africa News Agency (ANA) is a news agency specializing on Africa and North-South issues. Its mission is to assist the media in their media treatment of a changing Africa.

ANA book of records “turnkey“, ie ready to be published, on countries or innovative, made by our professional journalists and specialized topics.

ANA book contents of pan-African media leaders in their sectors, including IC Publications, a group based in London and leader of anglophone Pan African Media (African Business, New African, African Banker, New African Woman …) the group Afrique Magazine, located in Paris and its two titles Afrique Magazine and frique Méditerranée Business ; Le Point Afrique, the French monthly Le Point website dedicated to news of the continent; and also female Miss Ebène and Gazelle.

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Dounia Ben Mohamed
ANA Director

Professional journalist for over a decade, Dounia Mohamed Ben took an early interest in Africa.

And to perfect his knowledge of the continent, it will not hesitate, when his pocket journalism degree and four years of experience in the French daily press, from a year in Africa.

A journey that will lead from Gabon to Senegal, via Cameroon, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali.

The opportunity for her to touch at the realities of a changing continentto build a networkto be known as a specialized journalist. On her returnshe will work for Pan African Media
(, African Business, Miss Ebène, Gazelle, Afrique Méditerranée business…). She also writes for national titles (France Soir, 20 minutes…) With its expertise and its address book, she gives herself to challenge today to support the media in their coverage of a continent at a crossroads in its history. It is the vocation of the Africa News Agency.

Kamailoudini Tagba
Corresponding / Togo

Kamailoudini Tagba is freelance Journalist, writes for The North Africa Post, Middle East Confidential and ChinAfrica. Interested in International Relations, Middle East and Africa politics, Economy and Security, Kamailoudini Tagba is also translator. Based in Togo, the versatile reporter is UNESCO scholarship Alumnus. Kamailoudini Tagba is Toastmasters International Competent Communicator (CC), speech writer, attended Central China Normal University (China), MA in Linguistics and Communication.

Contact: +22891914028, Skype: Kanelka Kamal

Assanatou Baldé
Correspondent / Diaspora

A graduate of Lille’s Graduate School of Journalism, Assanatou Baldé is a journalist specializing in African issues. Former journalist of the online newspaper, she worked in particular on the exploitation of mining companies in the Kedougou region, during her stay in Senegal, during the year 2014 to 2015. She now evolves in Free lance and collaborates with the ANA agency, for which it covers events related to the diaspora. She is also very interested in issues related to the status of women but also to immigration and is currently preparing a documentary on refugees fleeing conflicts in the world.

Zahra Rahmouni

Correspondent / Algéria

Originally from the Rhône-Alpes region, Zahra Rahmouni has been living in Algeria since 2014. A graduate in international trade and foreign languages ​​after studying in France, England and Spain, she started at the Dauphiné Libéré before writing for TSA, the first Algerian electronic media. Quadrilingual, she has a particular interest in African news, relations with Europe and the role of the Maghreb diaspora in the world. Passionate about travel, she develops a great interest in photography.

Thierry Brésillon
Corresponding / Tunisia

freelance journalist, Thierry Brésillon writes from Tunis where he settled in 2011. Previously editor in chief of “Faim Développement Magazine”, the monthly magazine of international solidarity, he collaborates with several media such as Rue89, La Croix, Le Soir and The diplomatic world.

Mouhamed CAMARA
Corresponding / Sénégal and Mali

A journalist specialized in the written press, he handles words on the web as well as on the radio. After a degree in Business Law, he turned to journalism studies during which he knows his first experiences in Senegalese sports dailies (STADES, Tout Le Sport). Since August 2014, he provides the presentation of the newspaper on FM Senegal or in addition to the production of reports. With two favorite themes, sports, and economics.

Pierre Eric Mbog Batassi
Corresponding / Gabon

Graduated in Philosophy and Journalism, Pierre Eric is one of the feathers of the Gabonese Press Agency after having worked for Apanews as a JRI. Field journalist known for his rigor and responsiveness, he also officiates on as a reporter in addition to directing the publication of the Courrier de l’Education and the writing of Ogooué Infos. From politics to society and economics, the desire to inform is his first motivation. His philosophy: “The journalist has an important role to play in the economic and political development of societies. His responsibility imposes on him neutrality and objectivity. “.

Issiaka N’Guessan

Corresponding / Ivory coast

Major out of the Institute of Sciences and Techniques of Polytechnic Communication of Abidjan in Radio Production, Issiaka N’GUESSAN was especially noted for his reports in rebel zone during the Ivorian post-electoral crisis. Since then, he writes for the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency, the Canadian radio Barza, and directs the publication of the website in Abidjan.

Kossi Emmanuel Atcha
Corresponding / Togo

2014 finalist of the African story challenge contest (Morocco), Emmanuel ATCHA is a member of the executive board of the National Union of Independent Journalists of Togo (SYNJIT). A graduate of ACP INTER Agency in Lomé, he is a permanent correspondent for pan-African magazines (Security Magazine, Music In Africa, West Africa Review), and participates in the creation of many titles on the continent (Sika’a Magazine, Pipo Magazine and the Lomenard).

Dramane Traoré
Corresponding / Burkina Faso

After his degree in sociology, Dramane Traoré joined the Institute of Information and Communication Sciences and Techniques (ISTIC) where he obtained a diploma of Counselor (Master) in journalism and communication. A journalist treating his subjects with a sociologist’s eye, Dramane Traoré has always been at the heart of international political and economic news, before joining in 2014 the Information Agency of Burkina (AIB), subsidiary of Editions “Sidwaya” as Reporter.

Ibrahima Sanou
Corresponding/ Burkina Faso

Junior journalist for the Information Agency of Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou) until 2015, Ibrahima Sanou is currently training at the School of Journalism of Burkina. In July 2016, he received a special prize from the Ministry of Secondary Education at the Burkinabè journalists’ awards ceremony. He writes for the press and performs JRI missions for BF1 television.

Blame Ekoue
Corresponding / Ghana and Togo

After studying communications and journalism in Ghana, Blame Ekoue moved to Togo to become the correspondent for the BBC World Service section. Straddling the 2 countries and editor in 2 languages, he works for panafrican magazines of general information (New African, African Banker and African Business, The African, The Difference …) and joined in 2013 West Africa Review as Deputy Editor.

Ahmed Ouoba

After high school and training at the Center for Studies of Information Technology Sciences (CESTI) in Dakar, Senegal, Ahmed embraces the job of photojournalist and travels through Burkina Faso collecting images that have been feeding for more than a dozen of years the national daily press. He also collaborates with foreign agencies including AFP, Panapress, Jeune Afrique, Africamediaonline, Afrique Magazine … “I photograph my life, and not a single day passes without images, he says. Always at the heart of major events, I write with my camera as others do with pens. Award-winning, he has participated in numerous international exhibitions.

Chad / Corresponding

International journalist for the cities of Cairo and Istanbul, Idriss is now based in Chad, an area he covers for Africa News Agency in its English edition.

Momodou  L Jaiteh
Kenya / Corresponding

Correspondent for the Sub-Regional Press Association (AP) and for the West African Foundation, Momodou L Jaiteh has 20 years of journalistic experience. He writes today mainly for the English edition of Africa News Agency and for the group “The Pan African News Agency” (

Farai Diza
South Africa / Corresponding

Published in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, Faraï specializes in economic and pan-African subjects. With over 10 years of editorial and editorial experience, it covers South African and East African topics in English from Johannesburg.

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