NAW Trophies Celebrate the New Women Leadership

Presented at the New African Woman Forum in Dakar on April 12-13, the NAW trophies or New African Woman Awards rewarded the excellence of 12 African women in 12 categories. For Leila Ben Hassen, Executive Director of the IC Publications group and initiator of the Forum, we have too better “enhance women’s leadership” in the continent.


William Elong launched the new drone “made in Cameroon”

After his successful ‘DroneAfrica’ application, with various professional applications, William Elong, in the top 10 of the ranking of young entrepreneurs by Forbes Africa, launched, through his start-up Will & Brothers, a 100% Cameroonian drone. His latest fundraising in early April ensured a promising future for a company that wanted to “inspire the youth.”


Bloomfield Investment conference, Africa rated by itself

For its first edition, the Bloomfield Investment Corporation “Country Risk” conference was held in Abidjan on April 6. It was an opportunity to evaluate the product “Ivory Coast”… Africa more generally. According to Bloomfield’s concept: take an African view on the Africans

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FAGACE: a guarantee fund for 14 member States

Development undoubtedly requires the financing of projects. In this vein, African States continue to pool their efforts through regional institutions, in order to guarantee funding. Like the African Guarantee and Economic Cooperation Fund (FAGACE), created about 40 years ago to serve as a guarantee fund for the member States, and which has substantially increased its capital for the financial year

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“Enabling African capital to mobilize in Africa” – Alain Lenoir, Chairman of the FSF

For African countries, financing mobilization remains a major challenge. Given the scope of the needs, coupled with the tense States’ finance, African capital should be mobilized in African soil, said Alain Lenoir, chairman of the Board of Directors of Finance Sans Frontière (FSF) and special Advisor to the Chairperson of the African Bank Leaders Club.

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The AU wants to meet the challenge of infrastructure financing

Infrastructure financing needs have been huge in Africa, despite a sustained growth rate in recent decades. Several approaches are now being explored to mobilize funding through a new direction for the African Union’s Infrastructure Development Program (PAP/PIDA) Priority Action Plan.

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Interview Abdou Cissé, “CFA franc: we do not have to come out of a currency that belongs to us, we just need flexibility”

Abdou Cissé, an expert in actuarial and financial affairs, specializing in bancassurance and managing director of Cisco Consulting, specially dedicated to the evolutions of the economic and financial systems of the African continent, CFA. With a rather unusual approach … For him it is above all to dispel the debate and to focus on the international dimension of money.

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The CFA currency or the African financial autonomy in question

Created just over 70 years ago, the CFA currency is today one of the most virulent subjects of discord in the black continent for, by comparing the CFA countries with their English-speaking neighbors, which enjoy relative monetary freedom such as Ghana and Nigeria, the situation seems to be unbalanced. Thus, there has been opposition between the pro-CFA and those who


Promote African food art and convey its passion

By Chief Loïc Dablé *
To promote Africa and its Diaspora’s food art, I have decided to initiate an international tour to promote African food: “The African Food Art Tour.” During this tour, I propose cooking experiences combining art and African food. This takes the form of ephemeral restaurants, cooking training, master class or private dinners throughout the world. The starting


Towards the establishment of a single aviation market in 2017

Africa is experiencing strong growth which is pulling up the buoyant sectors, such as air transport. However, one challenge remains: free movement in the African airspace for African national airlines. In this context, the African countries already planned, under the aegis of the AU in March, to establish a single aviation market in 2017 pending the 6th meeting of the


« New African Woman, plus qu’un forum, c’est le nouveau rdv annuel du leadership féminin africain » – Leila Ben Hassen

Alors que la deuxième édition du New African Woman Forum doit se tenir à Dakar les 12 et 13 avril prochains, son initiatrice, Leila Ben Hassen, directrice générale du groupe IC Publications, nous en rappelle les fondements. A savoir, offrir une plateforme inédite au nouveau leadership féminin en Afrique.


Diasporas: women in the spotlight for the 5th edition

The fifth edition of the National Day of African Diasporas (JNDA) was held on March 31 and April 1 in Bordeaux. For this event, the women were in the spotlight. More broadly, its vocation, the Franco-African relations were reviewed there.


Ivory Coast: Tensions around cocoa

The world cocoa prices, which fell from CFA 1,800 to CFA 1200, have a negative impact on the Ivorian treasury. For producers, the blow is rude, CFA 700 instead of CFA 1100. On a meeting on March 30, the representatives of the Coffee-Cocoa Council, though listening to their members’ concerns, are still struggling to find solutions. Report


DRC: “a tough year for the Central Bank of DRC”

The country’s economic and financial situation assessed on March 15, 2017 was highlighted during the strategic meeting between the ministers of finance, budget and economy and the governor of the Central Bank of Congo CBC. Thus, both inflation and monetary depreciation were increasing, said the Prime Minister, Samy BADIBANGA, on March 27.


Joint gas extraction between the DRC and Rwanda

The joint Kivu Lake fossil resources extraction will reinforce the cooperation, almost at a standstill since the advent of the M23, between the two countries. A joint research project on a safe gas extraction was finally signed in Gisenyi on March 13, after three days of intense working sessions between the Congolese and the Rwandese delegations.