“The solar photovoltaic power plant of Zagtouli will be the largest solar power plant in West Africa”

During the second edition of the Energies and Renewable Energies of Africa (SEERA) held last May in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso’s Minister of Energy, Professor Alfa Oumar Dissa, explained the major innovations in his country in the use of renewable energies. Highlight on SEERA with an exclusive interview of the Minister.

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DRC: The new tourist destination in Africa

While the DR Congo is known worldwide for its mining resources, the country has other jewels. First, its nine national parks, including the Virunga National Park, which has been declared a world heritage site for its special biodiversity and ranked 19th in the world by the New York Times. Second, the falls of the Lofoi waterfalls, the second highest in

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TUNISIA: Thalasso and medical tourism are booming

While tourism has been more than moribund in Tunisia since the Bardo and Sousse revolution and attacks, a sector of activity is rather booming. Better, it is renewed and is bouncing up: medical tourism. Thalassotherapy, ultra-modern clinics, specialized surgical operations, low-cost care … Tunisia confirms its position as a medical tourism platform with an increasingly-diverse number of customers: traditional Europeans

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Kenya, away from safaris, another idea of Africa

The cradle of humanity, land of Swahili, a people of travelers who gave their name to the Safaris, and the famous Massai, Kenya is now the site of predilection of the amateurs of thrills, mountaineers, international athletes, kite surfers and trekkers, but also cultural discoveries, to see another Africa

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«Algiers: A potential to be valued»

Sofitel Alger is one of the main and rare to date, high-end tourist institutions in the Algerian capital, with a majority of business customers. Jérôme Rotrou, the hotel’s operations manager, after experimenting other countries, including Morocco, confirms the trend: Algeria has a very strong potential, including tourism, but the sector, like others, is to be developed. Interview

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Morocco “Authenticity, diversity, quality”

According to the World Tourism Organization, there have been more than 1.8 billion tourists and the flows will double by 2030, a real opportunity to seize for the Moroccan economy. The establishment of an attractive tourist product is required to differentiate and singularize Morocco’s offer. Major projects are launched, others are in the pipe …

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Tourism: what does Africa really gain?

If the States develop more strategies to develop their tourism offer, to date, the sector contributes little to inclusive growth given its potential. Yet, studies show that the tourism sector is a strong source of local wealth and employment. Investigations


« Il faut libérer le potentiel touristique du continent »

Par Cécile BARRY*
On dénombre, pour cette année, 4% de touristes en plus sur le continent africain. Une hausse significative, certes, mais qui ne contribue pas encore au développement de l’industrie touristique dans nos 54 pays. La Banque Africaine de Développement (BAD) parle en effet de « libération du potentiel touristique ». Et c’est exact : il y a un enjeu crucial au développement


“This application will be the agricultural exchange by excellence in Africa in the coming years”

To allow agriculture to break the beaten track in Togo and West Africa, a digital platform called “E-agribusiness” was launched last May in the Togolese capital. It makes producers visible, enables them to invest in a market with high potential, increases sales volumes, reduces shortages, and increases cultivated areas and the emulation of the agro-industry sector. According to the developer,


Mouna Kadiri: “The Africa Development Club, an advocacy on behalf of the African private sector!”

Announced in 2016, the Africa Development Club – a platform set up by the Moroccan banking group AttijariBank – is now operational. This initiative was undertaken as a result of the need of African and international entrepreneurs and decision-makers, who participate each year in the International Africa Development Forum, to perpetuate the meeting. The Club aims to create synergies between


Tunisair : un repositionnement stratégique

A quelque mois de son soixante-dixième anniversaire la compagnie aérienne tunisienne, Tunisair, a entrepris un virage décisif pour son avenir. Avec un positionnement vers le nord réaffirmé, mais une orientation au sud plus marquée. Ali Miaoui, Deputy Chief Executive officer, nous présente les grandes lignes de la stratégie  2017-2020 de Tunisair.


Exclusive Interview: “Our country is stable!”

Next August, the upcoming elections in Kenya will be held. A vote perceived as a test for the booming economic country which experienced post-election turmoil in the past. Ken N. Osinde, Director of Cabinet of the president of Kenya, during a stay in Paris, believes that Kenyan model is efficient, with growth of over 5% and 1.4 billion FDI in


Cameroon: At the Italian school

Construction of the Yaoundé sports complex in preparation for the 2019 CAN, social houses; establishment of an urban transport network in the capital; creation of a processing plant for agricultural products … The Italians now appear as the privileged partners of Cameroon in full construction as part of the “pre-emerging” vision, as a result of recently-enhanced cooperation between the two


Gambia: Economy registers low growth output in 2016

Gambia’s economy did not do well last year. It grew at a slower rate because of recent political impasse and poor performance of key sectors of the economy. This was disclosed in a press release made by the West African country’s Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs as the new government of President Adama Barrow spent its first hundred days


Togo attracts pan-African banking groups

Togo has enjoyed political stability in recent years, which has helped attract banking institutions. With only 7 commercial banks in the early 2000s, the banking industry now includes 13, including 11 branches. The rush in Pan-African banks in Togo is the result of important reforms initiated by the country’s authorities to improve the business environment, showing a bright future for