News Tribune France Africa insight

France-Africa relations have always been fraught with challenges. Evaluating whether

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Who would have thought few years, months or even weeks

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Decades of conflict and complex power dynamics between Jewish and


Career path of Seynabou DIA, the Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Seynabou Dia, CEO of GLOBAL MIND CONSULTING received, on the occasion of the sixth edition of Hub Africa held in


Algeria: Nabil Djedjik, champion of hallal

When he launched his first sale unit in April 2004, Nabil Djedjik still did not know he was heading a


Senegal: The Meeting of Entrepreneurs in full ascent

Senegal is continuing its economic development. While local authorities are mobilizing, civil society is also fully engaged. Rivolala Ratsimandresy is


Mali: Diaspora draws the stakes of the presidential election

Mali will elect a new president on July 29, 2018. APUMAF, an organization in diaspora made mainly of academics, establishes


Wizodia: immovable property made in Africa

Africa is experiencing a “brain gain”. Although very difficult to measure, the phenomenon of ‘the repats movement’ is observed throughout


Abidjan at the time of cryptocurrency

Ivory Coast will host a brand new training. As part of its development, Ivorian computer coders will learn to manage…


The blockchain: finance 2.0 in Africa, is it possible?

According to the reference site 300,000 digital financial transactions have been carried out every day in the world since


Cameroon: At the Italian school

Construction of the Yaoundé sports complex in preparation for the 2019 CAN, social houses; establishment of an urban transport network


Africans Overseas: Can the Diaspora Improve Africa’s Economy?

No one really knows how big the African Diaspora is. The World Bank estimates Africans in the diaspora are spread