Tribune “Oral health is the business of all”

In Africa, oral health is unfortunately not a major concern, though the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) are clear: 60 to 90% of schoolchildren suffer from dental pathologies

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Brigitte Johnson Adjamagbo “It is up to the Togolese woman, in particular and African in general, to lead the fight for the respect of her rights and for her emancipation.”

She experienced all the stages of the advent of democracy in her country in the early 1990s. Kafui Brigitte Adjamagbo Johnson, today the coordinator of the Togolese opposition coalition which

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Massogbe Toure, the queen of the cashew nut; “Women are locomotives, catalysts and the drinving forces of development”

CEO of the Ivorian Cashew Company (SITA), Massogbe Toure is a pioneer in the cashew nut sector in the Ivory Coast. Chairperson of the Commission for the Development of Women

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Rania Belkahia Portrait: “Thanks to our dual culture, we are having a real impact on the future of Africa”

Created in March 2013, Afrimarket is the first money transfer service to Africa that secures payments. Afrimarket uses high technology and an innovative solution to allow the users to pay

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Rama Diaw: More than a brand, a bridge between Africa and the West

Rama Diaw is an inspired stylist. Easy when you have the beautiful island of St. Louis, historic city located in northwestern Senegal, between the Senegal River and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Aminata Sinka “The African woman and Burkinabe in particular must learn to innovate and stop asking for assistance”

Despite a comfortable position of executive assistant, Aminata Sinka dreamed more: set up her business. A dream achieved in 2016 with the creation of Linas Ideas specializing in digital textile

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Mamounata Velegdan “My creed, faith in god … and in me!”

Pancakes saleswoman with an initial capital of CFA 300 in the 1980s, Mamounata Oubda or Velegda (her initial name), without going to school, is today, a Burkinabe economic operator with

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Michelle Kouao, the female face of the Ivorian road transport

Winner of the third 2017 national excellence award for the passenger road transport sector, Michelle Kouao has established efficiently in the difficult microcosm of a man-owned sector. Not for long…

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Cécile Barry: “Ladies, dare entrepreneurship”

President of the Ajice group; Action’elles association and Worldmas International, Cécile Barry is a serial entrepreneur, a know-how she puts at the service of others as a business coach. Concretely,

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Portrait of Joselyne Umutoniwase, a Rwandan design

American fashionistas have discovered her products and love it. At 30 years old, Joselyne Umutoniwase, designer and founder of Rwanda Clothing Home, summarizes all the ambitions of today’s Rwanda. Portrait

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