• FADAM: a festival to combine martial arts and investors

FADAM: a festival to combine martial arts and investors

The first African Martial Arts Festival will be held on April 2-8 in Douala, originally, to combine martial art and economy. And this is obvious for Dominique Saatenang. This master in Wushu, a name given to the Chinese kung fu, is also a businessman. So when the idea of making a festival to highlight this activity germinates in his mind, it seems important to him to also benefit the host country. Actually, FADAM aims to federate the many martial arts practitioners in a continent that has long focused on football. It is also an opportunity, through an international event, to give an opportunity to international investors. An atypical environment for businessmen, but that seems to suit some of them…


Video report directed by Myriam Sellam
For more information: http://www.fadam-festival.com
DR Photo credit: Master Dominique Saatenang, founder of Fadam

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