• Video games and Esport: a chance for Africa!

Video games and Esport: a chance for Africa!

The world today has nearly 2 billion users of all-screen video games. This industry has been booming for 10 years, especially with the emergence of a new brand called Esport, which has a serious employment potential so much that the industry has been professionally growing in Europe, Asia and America. In this context, can Africa stay out of this phenomenon?

By Badr Slassi, CEO of Alpha Republic Of Esport (ARES) *

The evolution and increasing use of new technologies are leading to new forms of consumption and the development of new leisure activities such as the video game since the end of the 1980s. But with the acceleration of research, its transformation has been spectacular thanks to the smartphone.

In Africa, the number of phones in circulation is estimated at around 2 billion. Video game makers have early realized the value of creating products for this media to expand its consumer base. And it must be said that it works.

Thus, in Europe and Asia, to mention only these two continents, the establishment of study cycle, courses, training leading to video game businesses and its sport, Esport, is increasingly developing. One can become a trainer, developer, graphic designer, player, marketing specialist and manager in this sector as one becomes a lawyer, doctor or cook. And let’s be clear, Africa must seize this chance!

“Large companies in the sector need to understand that this is a buoyant market for them”

Heavy telephony companies like Orange for example have understood that it was essential to establish in Africa by offering a traditional telephone service. But in recent years, this company has invested several million euros to support Esport.

In a continent that experiences important technological leaps (smartphone, solar panels, solar water recuperator….), the video game naturally finds its place. Large companies in the sector need to understand that this is a promising market for them that will lead to new economic opportunities. First, because the Africans are consumers just like others, but also because the supply of new jobs can provide a tempting and stable prospect for young people who sometimes dream of expatriation. It will always be best to be a professional gamer, graphic designer, computer developer, Esport event organizer or professional team manager rather than risking his/her life on a makeshift raft in the Mediterranean. This nightmarish crossing can be replaced by an exciting work sector. It is therefore up to the major economic players in the sector to invest in Africa as they already do in other continents, and this will undoubtedly be a winning-winning investment for everyone.

By Badr Slassi, CEO Alpha Republic Of Esport (ARES)
Historian by profession and political communication professional, Badr Slassi used to teach economics and business management at the business school. He has been advising international football players in image management for several years. Passionate about new technologies, sports and video games, he set up ARES a year ago.


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