• Abidjan at the time of cryptocurrency

Abidjan at the time of cryptocurrency

Ivory Coast will host a brand new training. As part of its development, Ivorian computer coders will learn to manage… cryptocurrencies.

Rudy Casbi

This will be the first training of its kind in Ivory Coast. Some young Ivorians will receive training in computer coding. This one will have the particularity to train these young people in cryptocurrencies. Fabrice Dubreuil, founder of the investment fund Geneviève, is expected to launch this training course in March. “We will train 50 students per semester. They will receive intensive training from American experts,” explains Fabrice Dubreuil. Thus, three American trainers from the famous Vschool, renowned in this field, will settle in Côte d’ Ivoire from March to June 2018. «They are experienced trainers who know the continent well. They have already conducted this type of training in Ghana,”says Fabrice Dubreuil, founder of the investment fund Geneviève.

Budget: 2 millions dollars

This training will be offered in partnership with the Ivory Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry.”A budget of 2 million euros will be allocated for these trainings. It can be said that the training will cost up to 14,000 euros per student,” says Fabrice Dubreuil. These intensive training courses will also provide learners with the opportunity to learn some of the basics of investment fund management. Thanks to the implementation of this training, Fabrice Dubreuil hopes that the Geneviève Exchange fund in Ivory Coast will be able to detect some 150 projects to be financed in the next few years.

 Rudy Casbi



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