• Terre Gatée: an African Western with a perfume of success

Terre Gatée: an African Western with a perfume of success

Marguerite Abouet and Charli Beleteau may have signed the comic with their pencil at the beginning of this year. Terre Gâtée should take a non-scarped road to success. Rudy Casbi

Rudy Casbi


Terre Gâtée, the migrant: it is the humanized and drawn story of the life of a migrant – sometimes narrated by the media – but sublimated under the fine lines of Marguerite Abouet and Charli Beleteau. “We wanted to tell from within the experience of a migrant in his everyday life. That’s a real dive into this universe”, explains Marguerite Abouet. She continues,”On the one hand: Africa is seen as an eldorado by those who want to get juicy commercial contracts. For others, he is to be fled because the prospects remain so complicated for the natives,”analyses Marguerite Abouet. In Alain Mabanckou’s view, the famous author who prefaced the book, two conceptions of life with two dreams collide. “No one has broken your African dream to you, so don’t break our European dream,”he summed up his interpretation of comics in reference to the dialogue between Hailé, one of the characters, and a European priest.

Terre Gatée continues its road… beyond the comic strip

Its release is scheduled for January 24th. The success of this comic book already seems assured. “Our bet to deal with this story in the form of a western has been well thought out. This format brings this dose of lightness to a story that is much less so, “says Charli Beleteau. This approach already seems to have borne fruit. According to these authors, a second volume is being prepared while a film producer has bought the comic book rights to adapt this story on the big screen.



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