• Jigeen Tech: ICT queens in Senegal

Jigeen Tech: ICT queens in Senegal

Launched in 2012, the Jigeen Tech Hub movement continues to make a name for itself. This women’s collective wants to participate in the emancipation of other women and girls through computer literacy in Senegal. Rudy Casbi


Located near the Blaise Senghor cultural centre in Dakar, Jigeen Tech Hub (Jigeen means ‘women’ in Wolof) is staffed by 40 dedicated volunteers. At the origin of this project, three women specialized in technology including Binta Coudy Dé. The latter was also invited by Michaelle Jean, Secretary General of the International Organisation of the Francophonie to participate in a summit on women’s emancipation in Bucharest (Romania) last November.” It was an honour for us to attend. This proves once again that our fight is echoed far beyond Senegal. It’s very positive,” said Binta Coudy Dé. The Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, which is aware of their project, is subsidizing Jigeen Tech Hub to the tune of 20,000 euros.

Microsoft West Africa Microsoft in support of them 

Yacine Barro, regional director of Microsoft West and Central Africa, who has been with Jigeen Tech for less than a year, also confirms her interest in Jigeen Tech: “As part of a partnership, we provide hardware. Sometimes we bring American Microsoft trainers from the United States to train with them”, She adds: “All these initiatives are included in the Microsoft 4 Africa program that we are implementing on the continent,” she concludes. Thanks to these divine and varied supports, Jigeen Tech Hub continues to move forward. ‘Last December, we were able to organise two training sessions in Dakar. The objective was to enable the beneficiaries to better master Excel software and learn some notions of leadership and management,”Jigeen Tech explains. Since January, They have been looking for trainers in technology, they still need skills to carry out their activities. This year promises also to be another busy year for Jigeen Tech.

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